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Sea Salt Aerosol Production: Mechanisms, Methods, Measurements, and Models - A Critical Review
Sea salt aerosol (SSA) exerts a major influence over a broad reach of geophysics. It is important to the physics and chemistry of the marine atmosphere and to marine geochemistry and biogeochemistryExpand
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Climate Forcing by Anthropogenic Aerosols
Although long considered to be of marginal importance to global climate change, tropospheric aerosol contributes substantially to radiative forcing, and anthropogenic sulfate aerosol in particularExpand
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The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program: Programmatic Background and Design of the Cloud and Radiation Test Bed
Abstract The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, is a major new program of atmospheric measurement and modeling. The program is intended toExpand
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Mass-Transport Considerations Pertinent to Aqueous Phase Reactions of Gases in Liquid-Water Clouds
Reactions of gases in liquid-water clouds are potentially important in the transformation of atmospheric pollutants affecting their transport in the atmosphere and subsequent removal and depositionExpand
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New unbiased symmetric metrics for evaluation of air quality models
Unbiased symmetric metrics to quantify the relative bias and error between modeled and observed concentrations, based on the factor between measured and observed, are introduced and compared to conventionally employed metrics. Expand
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Sulfur chemistry in the National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate Model: Description, evaluation, features, and sensitivity to aqueous chemistry
Sulfur chemistry has been incorporated in the National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate Model in an internally consistent manner with other parameterizations in the model. The modelExpand
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Production flux of sea spray aerosol
Knowledge of the size- and composition-dependent production flux of primary sea spray aerosol (SSA) particles and its dependence on environmental variables is required for modeling cloudExpand
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Heat capacity, time constant, and sensitivity of Earth's climate system
The equilibrium sensitivity of Earth's climate is determined as the quotient of the relaxation time constant of the system and the pertinent global heat capacity. The heat capacity of the globalExpand
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The whitehouse effect—Shortwave radiative forcing of climate by anthropogenic aerosols: an overview
Loadings of tropospheric aerosols have increased substantially over the past 150 yr as a consequence of industrial activities. These aerosols enhance reflection of solar radiation by theExpand
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Solubility equilibria of the nitrogen oxides and oxyacids in dilute aqueous solution
A mutually consistent set of free energies of formation has been presented for the gaseous species NO, NO/sub 2/, N/sub 2/O/sub 3/, N/sub 2/O/sub 4/, N/sub 2/O/sub 5/, HNO/sub 2/, and HNO/sub 3/,Expand
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