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Rethinking the concept of acculturation: implications for theory and research.
This article presents an expanded model of acculturation among international migrants and their immediate descendants. Acculturation is proposed as a multidimensional process consisting of theExpand
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Capturing ruminative exploration: Extending the four-dimensional model of identity formation in late adolescence
Abstract Identity exploration has been associated with openness and curiosity but also with anxiety and depression. To explain these mixed findings, the four-dimensional identity formation modelExpand
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The Evolution of Eriksonian and, Neo-Eriksonian Identity Theory and Research: A Review and Integration
The evolution of the study of identity development is traced from Freud's early writings to Erikson's extrapolations and theoretical expositions, Marcia's empirical operationalization, and finally toExpand
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Examining the Light and Dark Sides of Emerging Adults’ Identity: A Study of Identity Status Differences in Positive and Negative Psychosocial Functioning
Identity is a critical developmental task during the transition to adulthood in Western societies. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate an empirically based, cluster-analytic identityExpand
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Ethnic and racial identity during adolescence and into young adulthood: an integrated conceptualization.
Although ethnic and racial identity (ERI) are central to the normative development of youth of color, there have been few efforts to bring scholars together to discuss the theoretical complexities ofExpand
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The Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Well-Being: Psychometric properties, demographic comparisons, and evidence of validity
The Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Well-Being (QEWB) was developed to measure well-being in a manner consistent with how it is conceptualized in eudaimonist philosophy. Aspects of eudaimonic well-beingExpand
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Identity and Agency in Emerging Adulthood
The study of emerging adulthood—the prolonged transition to adulthood extending into the 20s—is a rapidly growing area of research. Although identity issues are prominent during this period, the roleExpand
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The Role of Identity in Acculturation among Immigrant People: Theoretical Propositions, Empirical Questions, and Applied Recommendations
The present paper advances theoretical propositions regarding the relationship between acculturation and identity. The most central thesis argued is that acculturation represents changes in culturalExpand
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Testing Berry's model of acculturation: a confirmatory latent class approach.
The authors examined the extent to which Berry's (1997) acculturation orientation categories--assimilation, integration, separation, and marginalization--would emerge from a latent class analysis ofExpand
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The Father Involvement and Nurturant Fathering Scales: Retrospective Measures for Adolescent and Adult Children
This study provides preliminary psychometric data for two fathering measures, the existing Nurturant Fathering Scale and the newly developed Father Involvement Scale. Both measures are completed fromExpand
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