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Diabetes and burns: retrospective cohort study.
Burn injuries are often associated with multisystemic complications, even in otherwise healthy individuals. It is therefore intuitive that for the diabetic patient, the underlying pathophysiologicExpand
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Impact of Diabetes on Burn Injury: Preliminary Results From Prospective Study
Reducing diabetes mellitus complications has been a major focus for Healthy People 2010. A prior retrospective cohort of our burn center's admissions revealed worse outcomes among diabetic patients,Expand
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Wound fluids: a reflection of the state of healing.
Analyzing acute and chronic wound fluids provides an important and intriguing insight into the wound milieu. This review outlines some of the salient features of wound repair and the wound fluidExpand
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Gelsolin expression in normal human keratinocytes is a function of induced differentiation.
The epidermis is a self-renewing tissue comprised mainly of keratinocytes that exhibit different degrees of maturation depending upon their location (i.e. basal or suprabasal) within the tissue 1,2.Expand
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025 Modulation of Wound Repair in the Obese Diabetic Mouse: a Role for VEGF Gene Transfer
Identifying molecular loci of impaired cutaneous healing in diabetes with an eye towards developing targeted therapy to ameliorate dysrepair continues to evolve as a promising area of study. By usingExpand
Impact of Diabetes upon Burn Injury: 51.