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Coupled transport of sodium and organic solutes.
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Determination of the Effective Hydrodynamic Radii of Small Molecules by Viscometry
The effective hydrodynamic radii of small uncharged molecules in dilute aqueous solution were determined using Einstein's classical theory of viscosity. The radii thus obtained are those of aExpand
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Basic principles of membrane transport
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Cation Transport in Escherichia coli
K influx and net K flux have been measured in suspensions of chloramphenicol-arrested Escherichia coli. The rate of K exchange in the steady state was independent of the K concentration of the mediumExpand
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Sodium-coupled chloride transport by epithelial tissues.
There is compelling evidence that active Cl absorption by a variety of epithelia, widely distributed throughout the animal kingdom, is the result of an electrically neutral Na-coupled transportExpand
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Ionic Conductances of Extracellular Shunt Pathway in Rabbit Ileum
The unidirectional influxes of Na, K, and Cl into isolated strips of rabbit ileum are comprised of movements across the mucosal membrane of the epithelial cells and ionic diffusion into anExpand
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Ion Transport in Isolated Rabbit Ileum : II. The interaction between active sodium and active sugar transport
The addition of actively transported sugars to the solution bathing the mucosal surface of an in vitro preparation of distal rabbit ileum results in a rapid increase in the transmural potentialExpand
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Irreversible thermodynamics.
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The transmural potential difference, short-circuit current, and Na fluxes have been investigated in an in vitro preparation of isolated rabbit ileum. When the tissue is perfused with a physiologicalExpand
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Studies on the Electrical Potential Profile across Rabbit Ileum
When isolated strips of mucosal rabbit ileum are bathed by physiological electrolyte solution the electrical potential difference (PD) across the brush border (ψmc) averages 36 mv, cell interiorExpand
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