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Experimental Verification of a Negative Index of Refraction
These experiments directly confirm the predictions of Maxwell's equations that n is given by the negative square root ofɛ·μ for the frequencies where both the permittivity and the permeability are negative.
Determination of effective permittivity and permeability of metamaterials from reflection and transmission coefficients
We analyze the reflection and transmission coefficients calculated from transfer matrix simulations on finite lengths of electromagnetic metamaterials, to determine the effective permittivity ~«! and
Shape effects in plasmon resonance of individual colloidal silver nanoparticles
We present a systematic study of the effect of size and shape on the spectral response of individual silver nanoparticles. An experimental method has been developed that begins with the detection and
Microwave transmission through a two-dimensional, isotropic, left-handed metamaterial
We present experimental data, numerical simulations, and analytical transfer-matrix calculations for a two-dimensionally isotropic, left-handed metamaterial (LHM) at X-band microwave frequencies. A
Interparticle Coupling Effects on Plasmon Resonances of Nanogold Particles
The collaborative oscillation of conductive electrons in metal nanoparticles results in a surface plasmon resonance that makes them useful for various applications including biolabeling. We
Single-target molecule detection with nonbleaching multicolor optical immunolabels.
It is proposed that PRPs can replace or complement established labels, such as those based on radioactivity, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, or enzymatic/colorimetric detection that are used routinely in biochemistry, cell biology, and medical diagnostic applications.
Plasmon resonances of silver nanowires with a nonregular cross section
We investigate numerically the spectrum of plasmon resonances for metallic nanowires with a nonregular cross section, in the 20‐50 nm range. We first consider the resonance spectra corresponding to
Limitations on subdiffraction imaging with a negative refractive index slab
A planar slab of material, for which both the permittivity and permeability have the values of −1, can bring not only the propagating fields associated with a source to a focus, but can also refocus
Direct calculation of permeability and permittivity for a left-handed metamaterial
Recently, an electromagnetic metamaterial was fabricated and demonstrated to exhibit a “left-handed” (LH) propagation band at microwave frequencies. A LH metamaterial is one characterized by material
The asymmetric lossy near-perfect lens
We extend the ideas of the perfect lens recently proposed [J.B. Pendry, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 3966 (2000)] to an alternative structure. We show that a slab of a medium with negative refractive index