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'Loquacious … and pointless as ever?' Britain, the United States and the United Nations Negotiations on International Control of Nuclear Energy 1945-48
This article re-examines the position of the British government in the negotiations for international control of atomic energy during the period 1945-48. These negotiations are generally associatedExpand
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Avoiding Armageddon : Europe, the United States, and the struggle for nuclear nonproliferation, 1945-1970
Introduction The International Option: UN Control of Nuclear Weapons, 1945-1948 The Commercial Option: Nuclear Warfare? Atoms for Peace and the UN Disarmament Commission, 1948-1958 The Moral Option:Expand
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Spinning into Europe: Britain, West Germany and the Netherlands – Uranium Enrichment and the Development of the Gas Centrifuge 1964–1970
Based on recently released official documents, the article explores the role played by advanced technology in the Wilson government's efforts to join the Common Market. The analysis focuses on theExpand
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The Long Shadow of the Past: History, Memory and the Debate over West Germany's Nuclear Status, 1954-69
What is wrong with discrimination against her [Germany] in the use and possession of nuclear weapons? Hugh Gaitskell, 1960 1 Two decades after Auschwitz, two apparently unrelated questionsExpand
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‘Gentlemen, the Cheese Is All Gone!’ British POWs, the ‘Great Escape’ and the Anglo-German Agreement for Compensation to Victims of Nazism
Abstract In 1964 the West German government agreed to provide £1 million in financial compensation to British victims of National Socialism. The distribution of the money, organised by the BritishExpand
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The Diplomacy of Wiedergutmachung : Memory, the Cold War, and the Western European Victims of Nazism, 1956-1964
In 1956 a number of Western European states demanded from the Federal Republic of Germany compensation for victims of National Socialist persecution. West Germany eventually concluded elevenExpand
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