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The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness
(From the publisher) The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness is the most thorough and comprehensive survey of contemporary scientific research and philosophical thought on consciousness currentlyExpand
Balancing cooperation and competition in human groups: the role of emotional algorithms and evolution
We examine emotional algorithms and their role in a fundamental dilemma that confronts human groups-whether actors should take care of 'me' (compete) or take care of 'we' (cooperate). We argue thatExpand
Direct Reference, Psychological Explanation, and Frege Cases
:  In this essay I defend a theory of psychological explanation that is based on the joint commitment to direct reference and computationalism. I offer a new solution to the problem of Frege Cases.Expand
Non‐Reductive Physicalism Cannot Appeal to Token Identity1
Philosophy of mind originally grew out of metaphysics; herein, we approach one leading theory of mind by piecing them back together. Advocates of non-reductive physicalism (NRP) contend that althoughExpand
Science fiction and philosophy : from time travel to superintelligence
Sources and Acknowledgments Introduction Thought Experiments: Science Fiction as a Window into Philosophical Puzzles (Susan Schneider). Part I: Could I be in a "Matrix" or Computer Simulation?Expand
Future Minds: Transhumanism, Cognitive Enhancement and the Nature of Persons
After covering the basic tenets of Transhumanism, I discuss what I take to be the most important philosophical element of the transhumanist picture -its unique perspective on the nature andExpand
The Language of Thought: A New Philosophical Direction
The language of thought (LOT) approach to the nature of mind has been highly influential in cognitive science and the philosophy of mind; and yet, as Susan Schneider argues, its philosophicalExpand
The Nature of Symbols in the Language of Thought
This paper provides the much-needed theory of symbols, and in doing so, alters the LOT program in significant respects. Expand
Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind
LOT, CTM, and the Elephant in the Room
  • S. Schneider
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • Synthese
  • 16 July 2009
A deep problem at the heart of the LOT/CTM program—it has yet to provide a plausible conception of a mental symbol. Expand