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An improved fast-response vacuum-UV resonance fluorescence CO instrument
The fast-response resonance fluorescence instrument for the airborne measurement of carbon monoxide described by Gerbig et al. [1996] was modified by implementing an improved optical filter with moreExpand
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Airborne intercomparison of vacuum ultraviolet fluorescence and tunable diode laser absorption measurements of tropospheric carbon monoxide
During the fall 1997 North Atlantic Regional Experiment (NARE 97), two separate intercomparisons of aircraft-based carbon monoxide measurement instrumentation were conducted. On September 2, COExpand
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Potential for photochemical ozone formation in the troposphere over the North Atlantic as derived from aircraft observations during ACSOE
[1] In this paper, ozone (O3), water vapor (H2O), carbon monoxide (CO), and peroxide concentrations and photolysis rates measured in the troposphere over the North Atlantic during two AtmosphericExpand
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Light-dependent production of ethylene in Tillandsia usneoides L.
Abstract.Tillandsia usneoides L. is a favorite model plant for investigating ethylene biosynthesis because no soil is needed for cultivation (important for long-term measurements) and small plantsExpand
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Transport and mixing between airmasses in cold frontal regions during Dynamics and Chemistry of Frontal Zones (DCFZ)
The passage of two cold front systems over the United Kingdom are compared and contrasted, using the results of a detailed aircraft and ground-based study. The measurements are interpreted by meansExpand
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Tracer analysis of transport from the boundary layer to the free troposphere
A mesoscale meteorological model with passive tracers is applied in order to analyze transport from the atmospheric boundary layer to the free troposphere. The validation of the model againstExpand
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Long-range transport of ozone and related pollutants over the North Atlantic in spring and summer
This article is published under a Creative Commons License, and is also available from http://www.copernicus.org/EGU/acp/acp.html, along with further discussion.
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Carbon dioxide uptake of a forested region in southwest France derived from airborne CO2 and CO measurements in a quasi-Lagrangian experiment
the local net ecosystem exchange measured by eddy covariance at a tower north of the flight domain and about 12% higher than a regional estimate based on remote sensing data for the wholeExpand
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