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Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Languages
Conditionals, Generic Quantifiers, and Other Applications of Subgames.- Ambiguous Coreference With Quantifiers.- Negative Coreference: Generalizing Quantification for Natural Language.- SyntacticExpand
On the role of conventions in understanding literary texts
Abstract On the basis of the empirical science of literature and new results of text processing research five hypotheses are developed. They concern the role of the polyvalence convention whileExpand
A Systems-Oriented Approach to Literary Studies
L'A. porte son attention sur l'approche systemique au sein des etudes litteraires. Il rappelle que les travaux qui s'inscrivent dans cette perspective ont su mettre en evidence le fait que l'on neExpand
Fictionality in literary and non-literary discourse
Abstract This paper deals with epistemological and discourse-theoretical aspects of a theory of fictionality which tries to realize research principles like interdisciplinarity,Expand
The empirical science of literature ESL: A new paradigm☆
Definition d'un paradigme d'une science empirique de la litterature accompagnee d'un etat de la recherche.
Literary Studies from Hermeneutics to Media Culture Studies
In his article "Literary Studies from Hermeneutics to Media Culture Studies" Siegfried J. Schmidt discusses aspects of hermeneutics, the systemic and empirical (contextual) approach to literature andExpand
From Objects to Processes: A Proposal to Rewrite Radical Constructivism
Context: Philosophical debates in recent decades have developed new ways of dealing with old philosophical problems such as reality, truth, knowledge, language, communication, and action. These new…
On the construction of fiction and the invention of facts
Abstract This essay explores the impacts of an empirical conception of literary studies in the framework of a constructivist theory of cognition, including the main epistemological, methodological,Expand