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Shall we Really do it Again? The Powerful Concept of Replication is Neglected in the Social Sciences
Replication is one of the most important tools for the verification of facts within the empirical sciences. A detailed examination of the notion of replication reveals that there are many differentExpand
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A quantitative review of ecosystem service studies: approaches, shortcomings and the road ahead
Summary 1. Ecosystem services are defined as the benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems. Employing the ecosystem service concept is intended to support the development of policies andExpand
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Assessment of Mindfulness: Review on State of the Art
Although alternative methods have been proposed, mindfulness is predominantly measured by means of self-assessment instruments. Until now, several scales have been published and to some degree alsoExpand
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DNA barcoding largely supports 250 years of classical taxonomy: identifications for Central European bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea partim)
This study presents DNA barcode records for 4118 specimens representing 561 species of bees belonging to the six families of Apoidea (Andrenidae, Apidae, Colletidae, Halictidae, Megachilidae andExpand
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Brain-computer communication and slow cortical potentials
A thought translation device (TTD) has been designed to enable direct brain-computer communication using self-regulation of slow cortical potentials (SCP). Expand
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Fuzzy trust evaluation and credibility development in multi-agent systems
This paper proposes not only a customisable trust evaluation model based on fuzzy logic but also demonstrates the integration of post-interaction processes like business interaction reviews and credibility adjustment. Expand
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Electrodermal Activity (Eda) -- State-of-the-Art Measurement and Techniques for Parapsychological Purposes
HARALD WALACH [1] ABSTRACT: In most of the direct mental interactions with living systems (DMILS)/Remote Staring studies, electrodermal activity (EDA) is the only dependent variable. Therefore theExpand
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Mindfulness and healing intention: concepts, practice, and research evaluation.
  • S. Schmidt
  • Medicine
  • Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 22 October 2004
This paper deals with the role of the health care professional in creating an optimal healing environment (OHE), with a special focus on which inner state and way of being in the world can create aExpand
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Species Identification in Malaise Trap Samples by DNA Barcoding Based on NGS Technologies and a Scoring Matrix
The German Barcoding initiatives BFB and GBOL have generated a reference library of more than 16,000 metazoan species, which is now ready for applications concerning next generation molecularExpand
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Pain Ratings, Psychological Functioning and Quantitative EEG in a Controlled Study of Chronic Back Pain Patients
Objectives Several recent studies report the presence of a specific EEG pattern named Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia (TCD) in patients with severe chronic neurogenic pain. This is of major interestExpand
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