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Rapid and highly variable warming of lake surface waters around the globe
In this first worldwide synthesis of in situ and satellite-derived lake data, we find that lake summer surface water temperatures rose rapidly (global mean = 0.34°C decade−1) between 1985 and 2009.Expand
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Lake warming favours small-sized planktonic diatom species
Diatoms contribute to a substantial portion of primary production in the oceans and many lakes. Owing to their relatively heavy cell walls and high nutrient requirements, planktonic diatoms areExpand
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Prediction of water quality in lakes and reservoirs. Part I — Model description
Abstract A one-dimensional water quality model (DYRESM Water Quality) is described which combines a process based hydrodynamic model (DYRESM) with numerical descriptions of phytoplankton production,Expand
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How much influence does landscape-scale physiography have on air temperature in a mountain environment
Spatio-temporal patterns of temperature in mountain environments are complex due to both regional synoptic-scale and landscape-scale physiographic controls in these systems. Understanding the natureExpand
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Prediction of water quality in lakes and reservoirs: Part II: Model calibration, sensitivity analysis and application
A range was assigned to each of the parameters used in the ecological component of the DYRESM Water Quality model based on values found in the literature. The sensitivity of the model to changes inExpand
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State of the Climate in 2014
Editors note: For easy download the posted pdf of the State of the Climate for 2014 is a very low-resolution file. A high-resolution copy of the report is available by clicking here. Please beExpand
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Absolute Radiometric In-Flight Validation of Mid Infrared and Thermal Infrared Data From ASTER and MODIS on the Terra Spacecraft Using the Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, USA, Automated Validation Site
In December 1999, the first Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument and an Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument were launched into polar orbit on the Terra spacecraft. Expand
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Morphometry and Average Temperature Affect Lake Stratification Responses to Climate Change
Climate change is affecting lake stratification with consequences for water quality and the benefits that lakes provide to society. Here we use long-term temperature data (1970–2010) from 26 lakesExpand
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Recent pH and CO2 profiles at Lakes Nyos and Monoun, Cameroon: implications for the degassing strategy and its numerical simulation
Abstract In situ pH profiles are reported for the first time for Lakes Nyos and Monoun. The pH profiles were converted to CO2 profiles using HCO3− profiles calculated from conductivity data. RecentExpand
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