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Die Kurzzeitvariation der fetalen Herzfrequenz und der FIGO-CTG-Score - : Erste Erfahrungen in der Kombination dieser Überwachungsparameter
The software "CTG-Online" combines the acccepted parameter Dawes/Redman STV with the FIGO score such that future studies should be carried out to examine whether the overall specifity can be improved further without influencing the well-known high sensitivity of CTG monitoring. Expand
Hypnoreflexogene Methode der Geburtsvorbereitung nach Schauble
Women who were prepared with the hypnoreflexogenous method of childbirth preparation had significantly less fear and pain, required significantly less analgesia, had a shorter period of labour and delivery and recovered faster from labour. Expand
Signalqualität der nicht invasiven fetalen Elektrokardiografie (EKG) unter der Geburt
Even though noise significantly increases throughout labour, especially during the crowning phase, the foetal and maternal ECG signal can still be differentiated and stays constant throughout labour. Expand
Hypnotherapie bei vorzeitiger Wehentätigkeit
Hypnosis seems to be a new, effective therapy with no side effects and can prolong pregnancy in cases with preterm labour. Expand
Die Kurzzeitvariabilität der fetalen Herzfrequenz - Therapeutisches Management und Auswirkungen auf die Herzfrequenzvariabilität bei einer drohenden Entgleisung einer chronischen Hypertonie in der
The relevance of haemodilation therapy in the context of essential hypertension in the 27 (th) week of gestation and its effect on SVT is illustrated and the importance of centralisation is illustrated. Expand
Einfluss von Persönlichkeit auf die Lebensqualität nach einer Harninkontinenzoperation: Ergebnisse nach spannungsfreier transobturatorischen Tape-Implantation (TOT)
Subjective cure rates of 79.9 % together with an improved ability to form social contacts demonstrated the success rate of the innovative TOT method, and the success could not be explained by personality factors. Expand