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Anterior clinoid mucocele: a trans-nasal endoscopic approach.
A case of anterior clinoid mucocele treated by this way with good anatomic and functional results is dealt with and the importance of the pre-operative imaging (CT/MR) allowing one to make a sure diagnosis and to choose the cases suitable for this surgical approach is stressed. Expand
New biallelic GBA2 variant in a patient with SPG46
The value of chemical fat-saturation pulse added to T1-weighted spin-echo sequence in evaluating gadolinium-enhancing brain lesions in multiple sclerosis
A fat-sat pulse added to a T1-weighted spin-echo sequence increases significantly the number and conspicuity of contrast-enhancing lesions in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Expand
Penetrating cranio-cerebral injury at the vertex. Report of an unusual case.
An unusual case is reported in which a nail was driven into the head with suicidal intention. Neuroradiological examination, surgical treatment and results are discussed.
CT in low back and sciatic pain due to lumbar canal osseous changes
The predominance of joint facet pathology as the underlying cause of low back and sciatic pain in the absence of disc herniation is confirmed. Expand
Paediatric‐onset hereditary spastic paraplegias: a retrospective cohort study
To describe the clinical and neurogenetic spectrum of paediatric‐onset hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSPs) diagnosed in our unit.
Magnification angiography of the small vessels in cerebrovascular disease in advanced age
Vascular changes in the cerebral arterioles were demonstrated by means of magnification serial cerebral angiography in a consecutive series of 25 hypertensive patients of advanced age suffering from cerebrovascular disease to arrive at exact diagnosis and accurate clinical management. Expand
[Lumbar spinal phlebography by catheterization in the diagnosis of disk hernias].