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Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Support Structures — A Review
Wind turbines are complex engineering systems, subject to highly fluctuating and irregular loads. The optimal design of wind turbines, in particular their towers, support structures and foundationExpand
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Influence of Soil Parameters on the Fatigue Lifetime of Offshore Wind Turbines with Monopile Support Structure
Abstract Designing support structures for offshore wind turbines is a complex task as these are highly dynamic systems subjected to long-term cyclic loads with variable amplitude. Long-term cyclicExpand
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Effect of Load Sequence and Weather Seasonality on Fatigue Crack Growth for Monopile-based Offshore Wind Turbines
Abstract Offshore wind turbines are subjected to variable amplitude loading, but the impact of load sequence is commonly neglected in fatigue analysis. This paper presents an initial investigation ifExpand
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Alternative Numerical Pile Foundation Models for Integrated Analyses of Monopile-based Offshore Wind Turbines
Lowering the cost for offshore wind energy remains a major challenge. Increasing the accuracy of analysis tools used in the design and optimization process can strengthen the reliability and reduceExpand
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Lifetime extension for large offshore wind farms: Is it enough to reassess fatigue for selected design positions?
Abstract Fatigue reassessment within the decision process of lifetime extension might be uneconomical when individually performed for each turbine of a large offshore wind farm. This paper analysesExpand
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Sensitivity of Wave Fatigue Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines under Varying Site Conditions
Abstract Considerable variations in environmental site conditions can exist within large offshore wind farms leading to divergent fatigue loads on support structures. An efficient frequency-domainExpand
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Optimisation and evaluation of pre-design models for offshore wind turbines with jacket support structures and their influence on integrated load simulations
In recent years many advanced load simulation tools, allowing an aero-servo-hydroelastic analyses of an entire offshore wind turbine, have been developed and verified. Nowadays, even an offshore windExpand
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Two-stage local optimization of lattice type support structures for offshore wind turbines
Offshore wind turbines are exposed to stochastic dynamic loading that includes non-linear aerodynamic effects. Hence, time domain simulations are needed for the analysis of support structures,Expand
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Mesh parametric study for fatigue assessment of tubular K-joints using numerical methods
A study of the influence of meshing for the assessment of tubular K-joints following the hot-spot approach using numerical methods. Expand
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