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On the super-Gaussian unstable resonators for high-gain short-pulse laser media
High-mode-volume, high-energy (70-mJ), high-brightness (1.6*10/sup 14/ W cm/sup -2/ Sr/sup -1/) laser beams have been extracted from a high-gain short-pulse XeCl laser with a super-Gaussian unstableExpand
Interfacial effect of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (EM-ELF) on the vaporization step of carbon dioxide from aqueous solutions of body simulated fluid (SBF).
Spontaneous processes in an aqueous solution of body simulated fluid (SBF) were monitored in closed vessel for a period of 1 month at 310 K, at atm pressure, and initial pH of 7.2, both with andExpand
Sputtered, electroless, and rolled palladium–ceramic membranes
Abstract Three techniques were used to produce palladium–ceramic (Pd–ceramic) composite membranes for hydrogen separation and production. They are sputtering, electroless deposition and rolling ofExpand
Evaluation of the sp2/sp3 ratio in amorphous carbon structure by XPS and XAES
A comparison among XPS and XAES spectra features of graphite (sp2 bonding), diamond (sp3 bonding), amorphous carbon (i-C) and several hydrogenated amorphous carbon samples (i-C:H) has been carriedExpand
Structural and optical modification in hafnium oxide thin films related to the momentum parameter transferred by ion beam assistance
Abstract Hafnium oxide (HfO2) films were deposited on silica and glass substrates by ion (Xe+) assisted deposition with increasing ion momentum transfer to the growing film. The relationship amongExpand
Narrowband filter radiometer for ground-based measurements of global ultraviolet solar irradiance and total ozone.
The ultraviolet narrowband filter radiometer (UV-RAD) designed by the authors to take ground-based measurements of UV solar irradiance, total ozone, and biological dose rate is described, togetherExpand
Laser damage dependence on structural and optical properties of ion-assisted HfO2 thin films
Abstract Laser damage studies at 248 nm (KrF excimer laser) have been performed on HfO 2 films of 300 nm thickness deposited on silica substrates by the Xe ion-assisted electron beam evaporationExpand
Comparison among XAES, PELS and XPS techniques for evaluation of Sp2 percentage in a-C:H
The ratio R of Sp3 to Sp2 in hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) has been evaluated by X-ray Auger electron spectroscopy (XAES), photoelectron energy loss spectroscopy (PELS) and X-rayExpand
Behavior of optical thin-film materials and coatings under proton and gamma irradiation.
Optical materials and coatings are exposed to the flux of energetic particles when used in either space applications or nuclear energy plants. The study of their behavior in such an environment isExpand
First national intercomparison of solar ultraviolet radiometers in Italy
Abstract. A blind intercomparison of ground-based ultraviolet (UV) instruments has been organized for the first time in Italy. The campaign was coordinated by the Environmental Protection Agency ofExpand