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Aquatic hyphomycetes as endophytes of riparian plant roots.
Eighteen species of aquatic hyphomycetes were recorded as root endophytes in roots of living plants including grasses and pteridophytes from wet fields near ravine areas. Alatospora acuminata, A.Expand
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Utilization of various carbon sources for the growth of waterborne conidial fungi
Four isolates of waterborne conidial fungi (Tetracheatum elegans, Tetracladium marchalianum, Pestalotiopsis submersus and Flagellospora penicillioides) were investigated for their carbon requirement,Expand
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Tetracladium nainitalense sp. nov., a root endophyte from Kumaun Himalaya, India
An aquatic hyphomycete, Tetracladium nainitalense sp. nov., isolated as a root endophyte from riparian plants from Nainital, Kumaun Himalaya, India, is illustrated and described. The new species isExpand
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Allelopathic plants. 7. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).
Univ Estadual Paulista, Dept Biol Aplicada Agropecuaria, BR-14884900 Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil
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Allelopathic plants. 10. Lantana camara L.
Lantana camara L. is an introduced weed in the tropics and subtropies and infests 14 crops in 47 countries. It invades forests, riverbanks, roadsides, pastures, agricultural lands and disturbedExpand
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Evaluation of endophytic aquatic hyphomycetes for their antagonistic activity against pathogenic bacteria
Evaluation of some riparian endophytic aquatic hyphomycetous fungi viz., Heliscus lugdunensis, Tetrachaetum elegans, Tetracladium marchalianum, T. breve and T. nainitalense from surface sterilizedExpand
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Conidial aquatic fungi of nainital, Kumaun Himalaya, India
Fourteen species of conidial aquatic fungi, viz., Alatospora flagellata, A. pulchella, Anguillospora furtiva, Dimorphospora foliicola, Dwayaangam dichotoma, Flabellocladia gigantea, LemonnieraExpand
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Aquatic fungi parasitic on temperate fishes of Kumaun Himalaya, India
  • S. Sati
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  • 1 September 1991
Summary. Eighty isolates of different species of aquatic fungi belonging to Achlya, Aphanomyces, Dictyuchus, Protoachlya, Saprolegnia, Thraustotheca and Pythium are observed as parasites of certainExpand
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Diversity Of Water Borne Conidial Fungi As Root Endophytes In Temperate Forest Plants Of Western Himalaya
Diversity of water borne conidial fungi occurring as root endophytes was studied. Twenty one species were recorded as root endophytes in healthy roots of forest plants of Western Himalaya. ThreeExpand
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Seasonal fluctuation in species composition of aquatic hyphomycetous flora in a temperate freshwater stream of Central Himalaya, India
The frequency of occurrence and seasonal periodicity of aquatic hyphomycetes in a temperate freshwater stream of Central Himalaya were studied. The number of aquatic hyphomycetes species was found toExpand
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