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Kl3 semileptonic form factor from (2+1)-flavor lattice QCD.
We present the first results for the K13 form factor from simulations with 2+1 flavors of dynamical domain wall quarks. Combining our result, namely, f+(0)=0.964(5) with the latest experimentalExpand
Nucleon form factors with 2 + 1 flavor dynamical domain-wall fermions
We report our numerical lattice QCD calculations of the isovector nucleon form factors for the vector and axialvector currents: the vector, induced tensor, axialvector, and induced pseudoscalar formExpand
2+1 flavor domain wall QCD on a (2 fm)^3 lattice: light meson spectroscopy with Ls = 16
We present results for light meson masses and pseudoscalar decay constants from the first of a series of lattice calculations with 2+1 dynamical flavors of domain wall fermions and the Iwasaki gaugeExpand
Nucleon isovector structure functions in (2+1)-flavor QCD with domain wall fermions
We report on numerical lattice QCD calculations of some of the low moments of the nucleon structure functions. The calculations are carried out with gauge configurations generated by the RBC andExpand
Nucleon form factors on a large volume lattice near the physical point in 2+1 flavor QCD
We present results for the isovector nucleon form factors measured on a $96^4$ lattice at almost the physical pion mass with the lattice spacing of 0.085 fm in 2+1 flavor QCD. The configurations areExpand
light meson spectroscopy with Ls = 16
values of input light sea quark masses, m sea ≈ 0.85ms,0.59ms and 0.33 ms were used to allow for extrapolations to the physical light quark limit, whilst the heavier sea quark mass was fixed toExpand
Nucleon axial charge from quenched lattice QCD with domain wall fermions
We present a quenched lattice calculation of the nucleon isovector vector and axial-vector charges ${g}_{V}$ and ${g}_{A}.$ The chiral symmetry of domain wall fermions makes the calculation of theExpand
Color confinement, quark pair creation and dynamical chiral-symmetry breaking in the dual Ginzburg-Landau theory
Abstract We study the color confinement, the q q pair creation and the dynamical chiral-symmetry breaking of nonperturbative QCD by using the dual Ginzburg-Landau theory, where the dual HiggsExpand
Complex heavy-quark potential at finite temperature from lattice QCD.
We calculate for the first time the complex potential between a heavy quark and antiquark at finite temperature across the deconfinement transition in lattice QCD. The real and imaginary part of theExpand
Nucleon axial charge in (2+1)-flavor dynamical-lattice QCD with domain-wall fermions.
We present results for the nucleon axial charge g{A} at a fixed lattice spacing of 1/a=1.73(3) GeV using 2+1 flavors of domain wall fermions on size 16;{3} x 32 and 24;{3} x 64 lattices (L=1.8 andExpand