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Salp Swarm Algorithm: A bio-inspired optimizer for engineering design problems
A novel optimization algorithm called Salp Swarm Optimizer (SSA) is proposed.Multi-objective Salp Swarm Algorithm (MSSA) is proposed to solve multi-objective problems.Both algorithms are tested onExpand
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Grasshopper Optimisation Algorithm: Theory and application
The Grasshopper Optimisation Algorithm inspired by grasshopper swarms is proposed.The GOA algorithm is benchmarked on challenging test functions.The results on the unimodal functions show theExpand
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Multi-objective grey wolf optimizer: A novel algorithm for multi-criterion optimization
Due to the novelty of the Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO), there is no study in the literature to design a multi-objective version of this algorithm. This paper proposes a Multi-Objective Grey WolfExpand
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Biogeography-based optimisation with chaos
Abstract The biogeography-based optimisation (BBO) algorithm is a novel evolutionary algorithm inspired by biogeography. Similarly, to other evolutionary algorithms, entrapment in local optima andExpand
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Multi-objective ant lion optimizer: a multi-objective optimization algorithm for solving engineering problems
This paper proposes a multi-objective version of the recently proposed Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO) called Multi-Objective Ant Lion Optimizer (MOALO). A repository is first employed to storeExpand
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Evolutionary population dynamics and grey wolf optimizer
Evolutionary population dynamics (EPD) deal with the removal of poor individuals in nature. It has been proven that this operator is able to improve the median fitness of the whole population, a veryExpand
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Grasshopper optimization algorithm for multi-objective optimization problems
This work proposes a new multi-objective algorithm inspired from the navigation of grass hopper swarms in nature. A mathematical model is first employed to model the interaction of individuals in theExpand
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Chaotic krill herd optimization algorithm
The Krill Herd (KH) optimization algorithm is one of the most recent heuristic optimization techniques. This algorithm mimics the lifecycle of krill in oceans. Despite high performance of KH,Expand
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Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Hand Posture Estimation
This chapter covers the fundamental concepts of the recently proposed Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA). The inspiration, mathematical model, and the algorithm are presented in details. AExpand
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Whale Optimization Algorithm: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Designing Photonic Crystal Filters
This chapter presents and analyzes the Whale Optimization Algorithm. The inspiration of this algorithm is first discussed in details, which is the bubble-net foraging behaviour of humpback whales inExpand
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