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Colour, design and virtual reality at JET
Abstract Joint European torus (JET) is the world's largest nuclear fusion research facility investigating the use of nuclear fusion, the process that powers the stars, as a source of clean, limitlessExpand
Remote operations for fusion using teleoperation
  • S. Sanders
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Ind. Robot
  • 1 May 2006
The JET remote handling system with its “man in the loop” approach providing the operator with “remote hands” inside the JET Torus. Expand
Analysis of the ITER ECH Upper Port Launcher remote maintenance using virtual reality
All ITER sub-systems of remote handling (RH) classes 1 and 2 have to be remotely maintainable. The maintenance strategy for these components has to ensure system availability after failure orExpand
A report on the first remote handling operations at JET
The first fully remote handling operations on a fusion Tokamak have been completed at JET. The JET MkIIa divertor has been successfully removed and replaced with the MkII gas box divertorExpand
The AgriRover : a reinvented mechatronic platform from space robotics for precision farming
This paper presents an investigation of a novel development of a multi-functional mobile platform for agriculture applications. Expand
The use of virtual reality and intelligent database systems for procedure planning, visualisation, and real-time component tracking in remote handling operations
A new task planning system for remote handling (RH) operations is in development, and is expected to be ready for use during the next major shutdown, planned for 2009. Expand
The use of virtual reality for preparation and implementation of JET remote handling operations
This paper discusses the experiences gained in the selection and use of a Virtual Reality system for the support of remote handling operations on JET. Expand
Preparations for the fully remote exchange of JET divertor modules
At the beginning of 1998 it is planned to replace all 144 JET MK II divertor carrier modules with new modules. This exchange operation will be performed entirely remotely by means of the JET MascotExpand
Operational experience from the JET remote handling tile exchange
The first fully remote handling operations on a fusion Tokamak have been completed at JET using only remote handling methods inside the JET torus. Expand
Evolving the JET virtual reality system for delivering the JET EP2 shutdown remote handling tasks
Abstract The quality, functionality and performance of the virtual reality (VR) system used at JET for preparation and implementation of remote handling (RH) operations has been progressivelyExpand