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On a nonperturbative vacuum for the open bosonic string
Abstract In the context of covariant string field theory, we investigate the existence and properties of nonperturbative vacua for the open bosonic string. The study is performed using successiveExpand
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A superfield formulation of the non-linear realization of supersymmetry and its coupling to supergravity☆
Abstract A thorough investigation of the non-linear realization of supersymmetry is carried out both in flat space and in curved space (supergravity). A manageable superfield formulation is developedExpand
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Conformal techniques, bosonization and tree-level string amplitudes
Abstract Calculational tools are provided allowing the determination of tree-level amplitudes for processes involving fermions and bosons in heterotic and superstring theories. A simpleExpand
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The static tachyon potential in the open bosonic string theory
Abstract In an effort to understand whether the open bosonic string theory has a stable vacuum, the four-point contribution to the static tachyon potential is computed. This off-shell calculation isExpand
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Antibracket, antifields and gauge-theory quantization
Abstract The antibracket formalism for gauge theories, at both the classical and quantum level, is reviewed. Gauge transformations and the associated gauge structure are analyzed in detail. The basicExpand
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The physical and ghost vertices in witten's string field theory
Abstract The bosonic vertex associated with the covariant bosonic string field theory recently proposed by Witten is constructed in terms of creation operators. This provides the off-shell couplingsExpand
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U(N) Integrals, 1/N, and the De Wit–’t Hooft anomalies
Formulas for the evaluation of all U(N) integrals are derived. Tables display the results for integrands involving up to six U’s and six U°’s. The complete pole structure of De Wit–’t Hooft anomaliesExpand
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Abstract Covariant off-shell dual-resonance model amplitudes for four reggeons are computed in the open bosonic string using Witten's string field theory. The four-tachyon, the two-tachyon two-vectorExpand
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Naturalness in Supersymmetry, or Raising the Supersymmetry Breaking Scale
Abstract We consider the question of naturalness in supersymmetric theories, in view of constraints from flavour-changing processes, weak CP violation and rare decays. Since larger masses for theExpand
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Estimating health and economic benefits from using prescription omega-3 fatty acids in patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia.
Patients with increased triglyceride levels compared to those with normal levels are at higher risk for coronary heart disease. In patients with severe (≥500 mg/dl) hypertriglyceridemia (SHTG),Expand
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