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Developing Intercultural Learners Through the International Curriculum
Intercultural competence is an increasingly desired and necessary skill in a globalized world. While competence is a complex concept to define and assess, this study examines specific dimensions ofExpand
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Military Buildups, War, and Realpolitik
This article examines the role of mutual military buildups in dispute escalation to war. It is argued that the effect of the pervasive realist culture in the modern state system is to affect policyExpand
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Arms Races and Dispute Escalation: Resolving the Debate
The article seeks to resolve the debate in the empirical literature over the effect of arms races on dispute escalation. Until now, tests of this link have remained inconclusive due to the conduct ofExpand
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The Outcomes of Military Buildups: Minor States vs. Major Powers
Virtually all of the empirical work concerning the general impact of mutual military buildups on the escalation of militarized disputes to war addresses the impact of these buildups on major states.Expand
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Furthering the Investigation into the Effects of Arms Buildups
Diehl & Crescenzi's discussion of my earlier article in the Journal of Peace Research and their general comments on the connections between arms races and war is a generally well-reasoned andExpand
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Power, Wealth, and Satisfaction
Power transition theory (PTT) has had a progressive research program for more than half a century. In spite of this, one of its key concepts, satisfaction, has remained undertheorized. A compellingExpand
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SU‐GG‐T‐118: Investigation of Intensity Modulated Compensator‐Based TBI for Small Children
Purpose: A study was performed to determine the feasibility of using inversely optimized solid modulators designed on a commercial treatment planning system for the purpose of total body irradiationExpand
Intercultural Competence as a Professional Skill
I have some general comments on the meaning and development of intercultural competence. My intention is to give everyone a small taste of the vast field of intercultural relations, andExpand
Prioritizing Teamwork: Promoting Process And Product Effectiveness In The Freshman Engineering Design Course
Twenty-first century engineers face complex challenges that demand collaborative problem solving. However, traditional engineering education does not sufficiently prepare students for the profession.Expand
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Anticipating War? War Preparations and the Steps-to-War Thesis
  • S. Sample
  • Political Science
  • British Journal of Political Science
  • 23 June 2016
This study addresses what it means, theoretically and diplomatically, to argue that states anticipate war. The ‘steps-to-war’ thesis contends that territorial disputes are high salience issues, butExpand
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