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The Natural Village Government It Self State Laws System In Indonesia
: This study aims to analyze and explain the nature of the village administration in the system of constitutional law in Indonesia. In addition, in order to analyze and explain the development of theExpand
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Make A Good Governance And Clean Government In The Implementation Of Regional Autonomy
The ability and capacity of the Regional Government of Barru Regency in realizing a good governance and clean government is still influenced by several factors, including, the Regional Government hasExpand
Basically every human being needs a service, even in the extreme can be said that the Ministry cannot be separated with human life. Basically every human being needs a service, even in the extremeExpand
Justice Value of Judicial Decisions on Corruption Measures of Corruption in Indonesian Legal System
: This research was conducted with the aim of:  To analyze, explain and discover the nature of the value of justice in the verdict on corruption cases;  To analyze, explain and find criteria verdictExpand
Legality and Legitimacy of the Questionnaire Rights of the House of Representatives in Indonesia
The manifestation of People's Sovereignty based on democracy led by solemn wisdom in representative deliberations, it is necessary to have a people's representative institution that can absorb andExpand
The Construction of Land Dispute Settlement Law In Realizing The National And Customary Law Harmonization (A Study In Merauke Regency-Papua)
This research aims at analyzing land dispute settlement of customary right of customary law people in the effort of harmonizing the national law and customary law in Merauke Regency-Papua. It usesExpand
The Nature of Regional Representation in the Regional Representative Council According To the Indonesian Constitutional System
This research aims to explain, analyze and discover the essence of regional representation according to the constitutional system in Indonesia. Also, to explain, analyze and find the existence ofExpand