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On-demand high-capacity ride-sharing via dynamic trip-vehicle assignment
A more general mathematical model for real-time high-capacity ride-sharing that scales to large numbers of passengers and trips and dynamically generates optimal routes with respect to online demand and vehicle locations is presented.
A Tractable Class of Algorithms for Reliable Routing in Stochastic Networks
The goal of this article is to provide the theoretical basis for enabling tractable solutions to the "arriving on time" problem and enabling its use in real-time mobile phone applications and to present an efficient algorithm for finding an optimal routing policy with a well bounded computational complexity.
A reconfigurable shared scan-in architecture
An efficient technique for test data volume reduction based on the shared scan-in (Illinois Scan) architecture and the scan chain reconfiguration (Dynamic scan) architecture is defined and the results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed architecture for real-industrial circuits.
Tractable Pathfinding for the Stochastic On-Time Arrival Problem
This work presents a pathfinding algorithm that uses the solution to the policy-based SOTA problem---which is of pseudo-polynomial-time complexity in the time budget of the journey---as a search heuristic for the optimal path, and shows that this heuristic can be exceptionally efficient in practice.
A Framework to Integrate Mode Choice in the Design of Mobility-on-Demand Systems
A unified framework to design, optimize and analyze MoD operations within a multimodal transportation system where the demand for a travel mode is a function of its level of service is proposed.
Changing the scan enable during shift
This paper is the first paper of its kind that treats the scan enable signal as a test data signal during the scan operation of a test pattern and shows that the extra flexibility of reconfiguring the scan chains every shift cycle reduces the number of different configurations required by RSSA while keeping test coverage the same.
Shared-Vehicle Mobility-on-Demand Systems: A Fleet Operator's Guide to Rebalancing Empty Vehicles
The authors consider the operation of automated mobility-on-demand systems, whereby users share access to a fleet of self-driving vehicles. In these systems, rebalancing, the process by which the
Real-Time Estimation of Pollution Emissions and Dispersion from Highway Traffic
A novel air pollution estimation method that models the highway traffic state, highway traffic-induced air pollution emissions, and pollution dispersion and provides transportation engineers and public health officials with valuable information that can be used to minimize health risks.
Proactive rebalancing and speed-up techniques for on-demand high capacity vehicle pooling
By proposing speed-up techniques and a proactive rebalance algorithm, we improve the Mobility-on-Demand fleet management approach in [1] on both computational performance and system performance. The
Adjoint-Based Optimization on a Network of Discretized Scalar Conservation Laws with Applications to Coordinated Ramp Metering
A network of scalar conservation laws with general topology, whose behavior is modified by a set of control parameters in order to minimize a given objective function is considered.