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Review of Acute Traumatic Closed Mallet Finger Injuries in Adults
Given the lack of consensus regarding indications for treatment, it is proposed to treat all cases of mallet finger with a dorsal glued splint except for stage IV malletfinger, which is treated with extra-articular pinning.
Carpal scaphoid non-union treatment: a retrospective trial comparing simple retrograde percutaneous screw fixation versus percutaneous screw fixation plus pulsed electromagnetic fields (Physiostim®)
The results of the study did not show any interest in the use of pulsed electromagnetic field for the treatment of carpal scaphoid non-union, and they should be dropped.
Establishing a reproducible protocol for measuring index active extension strength
The results show that the reproducible protocol to measure active extension strength in the index finger is reproducible in measuring independent and dependent index extension strength.
Surgical technique: about a new total and isoelastic wrist implant (Prosthelast®)
The preliminary results of the case series show that the new Prosthelast® implant presents comparable short-term results to those described in the literature.
Mechanical characterization of digital collateral nerves: a cadaver study
The aim of this study was to characterize the mechanical properties of human digital collateral nerves to look for a correlation with density as an intrinsic property of materials.