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Water temperature-dependent degradation of environmental DNA and its relation to bacterial abundance
Environmental DNA (eDNA) is DNA shed by organisms into surrounding environments such as soil and water. The new methods using eDNA as a marker for species detection are being rapidly developed. HereExpand
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Smart Face: enhancing creativity during video conferences using real-time facial deformation
This study develops a method for improving creativity by changing the facial appearance of people during video conferences. We focus on enhancing creativity during human interactions, especiallyExpand
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Incendiary reflection: evoking emotion through deformed facial feedback
Incendiary reflection aims to create computer-generated emotion by letting people recognize pseudo-generated facial expressions as changes to their own facial expressions (Figure 1, left).
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Manipulation of an emotional experience by real-time deformed facial feedback
The main goals of this paper involved assessing the efficacy of computer-generated emotion and establishing a method for integrating emotional experience. Human internal processing mechanisms forExpand
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Augmented endurance: controlling fatigue while handling objects by affecting weight perception using augmented reality
The main contribution of this paper is to develop a method for alleviating fatigue during handling medium-weight objects and augmenting our endurance by affecting our weight perception with augmentedExpand
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Illusion cup: interactive controlling of beverage consumption based on an illusion of volume perception
This paper proposes a system and an interaction design for implicitly influencing the satisfaction we experience while drinking a beverage and for controlling beverage consumption by creating aExpand
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Affecting Our Perception of Satiety by Changing the Size of Virtual Dishes Displayed with a Tabletop Display
In this paper, we propose a tabletop system for affecting our perception of satiety and controlling energy intakes by controlling a size of a projected image around the food. We hypothesized thatExpand
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Augmented emotion by superimposing depiction in comics
This paper proposes a method for conveying emotions in face-to-face communication by superimposing comic book images on real world using augmented reality technology. We implemented a system namedExpand
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Metamorphosis Hand: Dynamically Transforming Hands
Our body image is flexible enough to be able to incorporate external objects. Moreover, a change in body image can sometimes evoke particular feelings and result in modified behavior. We focus on theExpand
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Enhancing Effect of Mediated Social Touch between Same Gender by Changing Gender Impression
This study realizes a method to enhance the effect of touch in remote same-gender communication by changing the gender impression with a voice changer during telecommunication. We focused on touch inExpand
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