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A Survey of Large Scale Data Management Approaches in Cloud Environments
This paper gives a comprehensive survey of numerous approaches and mechanisms of deploying data-intensive applications in the cloud and analyzes the various design decisions of each approach and its suitability to support certain classes of applications and end-users. Expand
DREAM: Distributed RDF Engine with Adaptive Query Planner and Minimal Communication
DREAM is presented, a distributed and adaptive RDF system that combines the advantages of the state-of-the-art centralized and distributed RDF systems, whereby data communication is avoided and cluster resources are aggregated. Expand
Towards a Comprehensive Data Analytics Framework for Smart Healthcare Services
This article defines and discusses some of the major challenges in the healthcare systems which can be effectively tackled by the recent advancement in ICT technologies and describes the architectural components of the proposed framework, SmartHealth, for big data analytics services and its various applications in the Healthcare domain. Expand
XQuery on SQL Hosts
This paper extends this relational XML processing stack and shows that an RDBMS can also serve as a highly efficient XQuery runtime environment and also sees that the XQuery compiler can make good use of SQL's OLAP functionality. Expand
G-SPARQL: a hybrid engine for querying large attributed graphs
An algebraic compilation mechanism for the proposed query language, G-SPARQL, which is extended from the relational algebra and based on the basic construct of building SPARQL queries, the Triple Pattern is described. Expand
Relational processing of RDF queries: a survey
An overview of the different approaches to using relational query processors to store and query RDF data is provided and they are classified according to their storage and query evaluation strategies. Expand
XML compression techniques: A survey and comparison
  • S. Sakr
  • Computer Science
  • J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1 August 2009
A complete survey over the state-of-the-art of XML compression techniques and some guidelines and recommendations which are useful for helping developers and users for making an effective decision towards selecting the most suitable XML compression tool for their needs. Expand
On understanding the economics and elasticity challenges of deploying business applications on public cloud infrastructure
This article introduces a detailed analysis and discussion of the economics and elasticity challenges of business applications to be deployed and operate on public cloud infrastructure and provides a multi-lenses overview that can help cloud consumers and potential business application’s owners to understand, analyze, and evaluate important economics and Elasticity capabilities of different CISOs and its suitability for meeting their business application's requirements. Expand
The family of mapreduce and large-scale data processing systems
This article provides a comprehensive survey for a family of approaches and mechanisms of large-scale data processing mechanisms that have been implemented based on the original idea of the MapReduce framework and are currently gaining a lot of momentum in both research and industrial communities. Expand
A framework for querying graph-based business process models
The reusing framework is enhanced with a semantic query expander component that provides the users with the flexibility to get not only the perfectly matched process models to their queries but also the models with high similarity. Expand