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Surface Oxide Film of Metallic Small Particle
The relationship between the particle size and the thickness of the surface oxide film was investigated in the metallic small particles of Al, Mg, Zn, Sn and Be by the thermogravimetric analysis. ItExpand
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Magnetic Property of CoO Ultrafine Particle
The effect of the decrease in the coordination number of atoms in surface on the magnetic transition temperature was investigated experimentally and theoretically for CoO ultrafine particles. TheExpand
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Antiferromagnetic Transition Temperature of MnO Ultrafine Particle
The size dependence of Neel temperature T N of MnO ultrafine particles in LiF matrix with the average size range from 4.0 nm to 5.4 nm was investigated through the temperature dependence of the ESRExpand
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Magnetic Property of Antiferromagnetic MnO Ultrafine-Particle
Superparamagnetism was observed in antiferromagnetic MnO ultrafine-particles with the size range of 3.7∼5.4 nm. The decrease of Neel temperature in these finite systems was confirmed by measuring theExpand
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Magnetic property of NiO ultrafine particles with a small Ni core
The magnetic nature of a NiO shell and a Ni core were separately investigated in the temperature dependence of the magnetization curve of the samples with the average sizes of 1.6, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5,Expand
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ESR Observations in Small Particles of Palladium and Their Origins
The ESR signal observed in small particles of palladium with the passivated surface was investigated in various temperatures and sizes. We assigned the signal to the overlap of the spin wave andExpand
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Magnetic Property of Oxide Passivated Co Nanosized Particles Dispersed in Two Dimensional Plane
The particle size dependence of Neel temperature was investigated in a thin CoO shell of an oxide passivated Co particle. In addition to the blocking effect of the exchange anisotropy interaction, ...
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Size effect in CESR of magnesium and calcium small particles
Abstract We measured the conduction-electron spin resonance (CESR) of Mg and Ca particles to investigate the effect of the small size in such divalent metals. An anomalous narrow line was found inExpand
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Spin Relaxation Probability on the Surface of Mg and Al
In the metallic small particle, the spin relaxation on surface mainly contributes to the conduction electron spin resonance (CESR) linewidth because a small particle has a large rate of surface toExpand
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