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A 8.8-50 GHz Complete Spectral Line Survey toward TMC-1: I. Survey Data.
We completed the first spectral line survey toward a cold, dark cloud TMC-1 (cyanopolyyne peak) in a frequency range between 8.8 and 50.0 GHz by the 45-m radio telescope of Nobeyama RadioExpand
Unramified class field theory of arithmetical surfaces
Let k be an algebraic number field, (9k its ring of integers and V a non-empty open subscheme of Spec(Ck). Let X be a projective smooth geometrically irreducible scheme over k, and X a regular properExpand
Class field theory for curves over local fields
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to generalize some results of Bloch [3] concerning class field theory for curves over local fields. Bloch developed his theory mainly under the assumption thatExpand
Rotational spectrum of the CCS radical studied by laboratory microwave spectroscopy and radio-astronomical observations
The rotational spectral lines of the CCS radical and its isotopic species, CC(S-34), (C-13)CS, and C(C-13)S, have been observed in the laboratory, and the J(N) = 4(3)-3(2), J(N) = 2(1)-1(0), and J(N)Expand
Chow group of $0$-cycles with modulus and higher-dimensional class field theory
One of the main results of this paper is a proof of the rank one case of an existence conjecture on lisse l-adic sheaves on a smooth variety over a finite field due to Deligne and Drinfeld. TheExpand
Observations of NH2D toward Dark Molecular Clouds
The 1-1 transition of NH2D at 110.1536 GHz was surveyed toward 16 cores of high ammonia abundance in 14 cold dark clouds and was detected toward eight cloud cores, L1448, B1, L1489N, L1551N, L1641N,Expand
Canonical embedded and non-embedded resolution of singularities of excellent two-dimensional schemes
We prove the existence of resolution of singularities for arbitrary (not necessarily reduced or irreducible) excellent two-dimensional schemes, via permissible blow-ups. The resolution is canonical,Expand
Laboratory observation of the 3P1-3P0 transition of the neutral carbon atom by submillimeter-wave absorption spectroscopy
The 3P1-3P0 transitions of the neutral C-12 and C-13 atoms are observed by laboratory microwave spectroscopy. The carbon atom is produced by discharging a gaseous mixture of CO and He at the liquidExpand
Motives with modulus
We construct and study a triangulated category of motives with modulus that extends Voevodsky's category in such a way as to encompass non-homotopy invariant phenomena. It is intimately related toExpand