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A Three-Position Spectral Line Survey of Sagittarius B2 between 218 and 263 GHZ. II. Data Analysis
We present an analysis of the data from our Swedish-ESO Submillimetre Telescope molecular line survey in the 1.3 mm band of the N, M, and NW positions in the Sgr B2 molecular cloud. The lineExpand
A three-position spectral line survey of Sagittarius B2 between 218 and 263 GHz. I. The observational data
We have surveyed the frequency band 218.30-263.55 GHz toward the core positions N and M and the quiescent cloud position NW in the Sgr B2 molecular cloud using the Swedish-ESO SubmillimetreExpand
Superconducting qubit–oscillator circuit beyond the ultrastrong-coupling regime
A circuit that pairs a flux qubit with an LC oscillator via Josephson junctions pushes the coupling between light to matter to uncharted territory, with the potential for new applications in quantumExpand
Interferometric observations of filamentary structures associated with plasma instability in the auroral ionosphere
[1] We present evidence of filamented structure in the auroral ionosphere, observed through enhanced radar echoes produced by plasma instabilities in the filaments. Enhancements are observed in up-Expand
Coherent coupling of a superconducting flux qubit to an electron spin ensemble in diamond
We report evidence of coherent strong coupling, observation of vacuum Rabi oscillations, between a superconducting artificial atom (flux qubit) and a macroscopic number of electron spins in the formExpand
A strict experimental test of macroscopic realism in a superconducting flux qubit
This work describes and implements an experimental protocol capable of constraining theories of macroscopic realism, that is more noise tolerant and conceptually transparent than the original Leggett–Garg test, and addresses the ‘clumsiness loophole' by determining classical disturbance with control experiments. Expand
DC-SQUID readout for qubit
Two states of flux quantum bit (qubit) with three Josephson junctions are confirmed by a single measurement with a DC-SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device). This qubit is an aluminumExpand
Coherent coupling of a superconducting flux qubit to an electron spin ensemble in diamond
Evidence of coherent strong coupling between a single macroscopic superconducting artificial atom (a flux qubit) and an ensemble of electron spins in the form of nitrogen–vacancy colour centres in diamond provides a foundation for future quantum memories and hybrid devices coupling microwave and optical systems. Expand
Frequency stabilization of an InGaAsP distributed feedback laser to an NH3 absorption line at 15137 Å with an external frequency modulator
The oscillation frequency of a 1.5‐μm InGaAsP distributed feedback laser is stabilized to an NH3 linear absorption line at 15137 A. A LiNbO3 external frequency modulator is used instead of directExpand