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Heavy metal toxicity levels in the coastal sediments of the Arabian Sea along the urban Karachi (Pakistan) region.
Sediment analyses play a crucial role in assessing the degree of heavy metal pollution and the resulting health risk associated with the food chain and the rapid industrialization and urbanization of the city has altered the quality of the environment and created ecological disturbances and associated problems for the lo-cal community.
Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water of Karachi City (Pakistan)
The fluoride contents in water samples collected from the subsurface and river sources were found below the WHO recommended value for the general health of the people, however, in some industrial areas the groundwater sample showed higher level of fluoride concentration.
Multipathways human health risk assessment of trihalomethane exposure through drinking water.
Life-time human health risk of cancer attributed to trihalomethanes in drinking water in an urban-industrialized area of Karachi (Pakistan) was conducted through multiple pathways of exposure. The
A steroidal glycoside from Clerodendron inerme
Abstract A steroidal glycoside, 3- O -β- d -galactopyranosyl-(24β)-ethylcolesta-5.22.25-trien ( 1 ), was isolated from Clerodendron inerme . Clerosterol and glutinol were also isolated from this
Geochemical and geostatistical investigations of chromium pollution in groundwater.
The patterns of distribution of chromium concentration in groundwater and pollution hotspots in particular localities appear to be more related to the types of industries than to the effect of population types.
Extraction, Cleanup, and Chromatographic Determination of Imidacloprid Residues in Wheat
The peak height of imidacloprid showed a very good linear correlation when compared with absolute values at six different concentrations and the lowest limit of quantification for this method was found to be 0.05 μg/g.
Influence of urban–coastal activities on organic acids and major ion chemistry of wet precipitation at a metropolis in Pakistan
Anthropogenic and natural emissions in the atmosphere directly affect the rainwater chemistry as its chemical speciation is representative of emission status in the surrounding area. A comprehensive
Phytochemical Studies of Berberis vulgaris
This study presents a phytochemical investigation of the fruits of Berberis vulgaris Linn. The isolation and structure elucidation of four compounds are discussed. The terpenoids lupeol (1) and
Oxindole derivatives: synthesis and antiglycation activity.
Oxindole derivatives 3-25 have been synthesized from commercially available oxindole by refluxing with different aromatic aldehydes in good yields and a limited structure-activity relationship has been developed.
Evaluation of the thiazole Schiff bases as $$\upbeta $$β-glucuronidase inhibitors and their in silico studies
Molecular modeling indicates that three factors: substituent R, lone pair on the nitrogen of azomethine part, and the interactions made by the main skeleton of the molecule, determined the enzyme inhibitory potential of these compounds.