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Heavy metal toxicity levels in the coastal sediments of the Arabian Sea along the urban Karachi (Pakistan) region.
Heavy metals are stable and persistent environmental contam-inants since they cannot be degraded or destroyed. Therefore, theytend to accumulate in the soils and sediments. Excessive levels ofmetalsExpand
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Multipathways human health risk assessment of trihalomethane exposure through drinking water.
Life-time human health risk of cancer attributed to trihalomethanes in drinking water in an urban-industrialized area of Karachi (Pakistan) was conducted through multiple pathways of exposure. TheExpand
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Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water of Karachi City (Pakistan)
The ground and municipal water supply samples of Karachi city were analyzed for their fluoride contents. The fluoride contents in water samples collected from the subsurface and river sources wereExpand
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A steroidal glycoside from Clerodendron inerme
Abstract A steroidal glycoside, 3- O -β- d -galactopyranosyl-(24β)-ethylcolesta-5.22.25-trien ( 1 ), was isolated from Clerodendron inerme . Clerosterol and glutinol were also isolated from thisExpand
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Extraction, Cleanup, and Chromatographic Determination of Imidacloprid Residues in Wheat
This study presents an improved method for quantitative analysis of imidacloprid residues in wheat grain using high performance liquid chromatography. The study used chromatographic response (inExpand
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Geochemical and geostatistical investigations of chromium pollution in groundwater.
Geochemical and geostatistical study of the chromium concentration in groundwater occurring at variable depths of 12 to 33.5 m (40 to 110 ft) in the Karachi urban area of Pakistan have been made.Expand
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Influence of urban–coastal activities on organic acids and major ion chemistry of wet precipitation at a metropolis in Pakistan
Anthropogenic and natural emissions in the atmosphere directly affect the rainwater chemistry as its chemical speciation is representative of emission status in the surrounding area. A comprehensiveExpand
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Oxindole derivatives: synthesis and antiglycation activity.
Oxindole derivatives 3-25 have been synthesized from commercially available oxindole by refluxing with different aromatic aldehydes in good yields. Their in vitro antiglycation potential has beenExpand
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Evaluation of the thiazole Schiff bases as $$\upbeta $$β-glucuronidase inhibitors and their in silico studies
Twenty eight (28) derivatives 2–29 were synthesized and four analogs were found to exhibit single-digit $$\hbox {IC}_{50}$$IC50 values as $$\upbeta $$β-glucuronidase inhibitors. Molecular modelingExpand
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Two new coumarins from Murraya paniculata
Two new coumarins, murrmeranzin (1) and murralonginal (2), together with four known compounds minumicrolin (3), murrangatin (4), meranzin hydrate (5) and hainanmurpanin (6) have been isolated fromExpand
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