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Physical properties of foods
Size, Shape, Volume, and Related Physical Attributes.- Rheological Properties of Foods.- Thermal Properties of Foods.- Electromagnetic Properties.- Water Activity and Sorption Properties of Foods.-Expand
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Rheological properties of gluten-free bread formulations
Abstract In this study, the rheological properties of rice bread dough containing different gums with or without emulsifiers were determined. In addition, the quality of rice breads (volume, firmnessExpand
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Optimization of microwave frying of potato slices by using Taguchi technique
Use of microwave frying for food products may be considered as a new way of improving the quality of the fried foods. In this study, the effects of microwaves on quality of fried potatoes (moistureExpand
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Effects of soy and rice flour addition on batter rheology and quality of deep-fat fried chicken nuggets
Abstract The effects of soy flour (5%) and rice flour (5%) addition to the batter formulation on quality of deep-fat fried chicken nuggets were evaluated. Coating pick-up of batters, and moistureExpand
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Rheological properties and quality of rice cakes formulated with different gums and an emulsifier blend
Abstract In this study, it was aimed to compare rheological properties of rice cake batter and quality characteristics of rice cakes prepared using different gums with or without an emulsifier blend.Expand
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Optimization of Baking of Rice Cakes in Infrared–Microwave Combination Oven by Response Surface Methodology
In this study, response surface methodology was used to design gluten-free cakes made from rice flour to be baked in infrared-microwave combination oven. Two types of cake formulations containingExpand
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Effects of batters containing different protein types on the quality of deep-fat-fried chicken nuggets
The effects of soy protein isolate (SPI), whey protein isolate (WPI) and egg albumen (EA) on the quality of deep-fat-fried chicken nuggets were studied. Batter without protein addition was used as aExpand
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Utilization of chestnut flour in gluten-free bread formulations.
Abstract In this study, gluten-free bread formulations using chestnut and rice flours at different ratios (0/100, 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50 and 100/0) were tested. In addition, the influenceExpand
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Functionality of batters containing different starch types for deep-fat frying of chicken nuggets
The effect of various starch types (amylomaize, corn, waxymaize, pregelatinized tapioca) on quality attributes (texture, moisture content, oil content, color, coating pick up, cooking yield, volumeExpand
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Quantitative analysis of macro and micro-structure of gluten-free rice cakes containing different types of gums baked in different ovens
Abstract The effects of different gums on macro-structure of gluten-free rice cakes baked in conventional and infrared–microwave (IR–MW) combination ovens were investigated by using the imagesExpand
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