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Culture and Subcultures: An Analysis of Organizational Knowledge
Sonja A. Sackmann Management Zentrum St. Gallen, Switzerland and University of Konstanz, Germany This study investigated the potential existence and formation of subcultures in organizations, usingExpand
Cultural Knowledge in Organizations: Exploring the Collective Mind
Introduction Existing Perspectives on Culture An Alternative Conception of Culture in Organizations A Preview Insights into the Nature of Cultural Knowledge Dictionary Knowledge Cultural Groupings atExpand
Uncovering Culture in Organizations
There is a large interest in organization culture, yet only a few empirical studies address the topic. This fact may be due to the lack of appropriate research methods able to uncover such an elusiveExpand
Culture and Performance
Contextual Influences on Culture Research
This article argues that different contexts in politics, economics, and society have shaped existing conceptions of culture in the field of international cross cultural management research, such asExpand
The Role of Metaphors in Organization Transformation
Transformation is inevitable for the survival of some organizations. It is argued that metaphors may be a helpful tool for a successful transformation if carefully chosen. Two kinds of methaphors areExpand
Cultural complexity in organizations : inherent contrasts and contradictions
Single and Multiple Cultures in International Cross-Cultural Management Research - Sonja A Sackman et al An Overview PART ONE: CULTURE WITH A FOCUS ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL Discursive Contradiction ofExpand
Exploring cultural impacts on knowledge sharing behavior in project teams - results from a simulation study
In this paper a simulation setting is used to assess the cultural influences on knowledge sharing behavior in project teams. Expand
Cross-Cultural Management in Practice: Culture and Negotiated Meanings
Contents: Introduction 1. Culture and Negotiated Meanings: The Value of Considering Meaning Systems and Power Imbalance for Cross-Cultural Management Laurence Romani, Sonja A. Sackmann and HenriettExpand
Knowledge sharing in new organizational entities: the impact of hierarchy, organizational context, micro-politics and suspicion
Purpose – The purpose of this study is to investigate the dynamics involved in knowledge sharing in knowledge intensive heterogeneous teams of the German Federal Armed Forces with a specific focus onExpand