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Drought and postdrought recovery cycles in an intermittent Mediterranean stream: structural and functional aspects
Abstract The effects of the intensity of seasonal droughts on stream ecosystems were studied in the Fuirosos, an intermittent forested Mediterranean stream. Macroinvertebrate community structure andExpand
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Flow extremes and benthic organic matter shape the metabolism of a headwater Mediterranean stream
Summary 1. Single-station diel oxygen curves were used to monitor the oxygen metabolism of an intermittent, forested third-order stream (Fuirosos) in the Mediterranean area, over a period of 22Expand
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Recommendations for the routine sampling of diatoms for water quality assessments in Europe
Many methods for using diatoms for routine monitoring of water quality have been developed in Europe and, in some countries, these are being used to enforce environmental legislation. In order toExpand
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Nitrogen Removal by Riparian Buffers along a European Climatic Gradient: Patterns and Factors of Variation
AbstractWe evaluated nitrogen (N) removal efficiency by riparian buffers at 14 sites scattered throughout seven European countries subject to a wide range of climatic conditions. The sites also had aExpand
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Triclosan persistence through wastewater treatment plants and its potential toxic effects on river biofilms.
Triclosan is a commonly used bactericide that survives several degradation steps in WWTP (wastewater treatment plants) and potentially reaches fluvial ecosystems. In Mediterranean areas, where waterExpand
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Effects of riparian vegetation removal on nutrient retention in a Mediterranean stream
We examined the effects of riparian vegetation removal on algal dynamics and stream nutrient retention efficiency by comparing NH4-N and PO4-P uptake lengths from a logged and an unlogged reach inExpand
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The composition of algal species and pigments and the structural and functional characteristics of the algal community were investigated in an acid stream of southwestern Spain, the Río Tinto. TheExpand
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Effects of low concentrations of the phenylurea herbicide diuron on biofilm algae and bacteria.
A system of recirculating channels was used in this study to examine the long-term effects (29d) of environmentally realistic concentrations of the herbicide diuron (from 0.07 to 7 microg L(-1)) onExpand
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Biofilm Structure and Function and Possible Implications for Riverine DOC Dynamics
Biofilms are major sites of carbon cycling in streams and rivers. Here we elucidate the relationship between biofilm structure and function and river DOC dynamics. Metabolism (extracellular enzymaticExpand
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Meteorological and riparian influences on organic matter dynamics in a forested Mediterranean stream
Abstract Organic matter inputs, transport, and storage, ecosystem metabolism, and organic C turnover length were measured in a forested Mediterranean 3rd-order stream (Fuirosos) over a period of 3 y.Expand
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