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Pharmacosomes: A novel drug delivery system
Pharmacosomes are used in drug targeting in cancer and also brain targeting by using 5-flouro-2-deoxyuridine Pharmacosomes, which minimize drug degradation and increase bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. Expand
Nutrient Deficiency-dependent Anthocyanin Development in Spirodela Polyrhiza L. Schleid
Spirodela polyrhiza L. Schleid. plants developed anthocyanin (AC) on the abaxial frond surface when grown on Hoagland nutrient solution diluted 1:≥40; AC content was maximum at 1:80 dilution. TillExpand
Post-infectional biochemical changes in maize leaves affected by banded leaf and sheath blight disease
It appears that higher phenol, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities in maize germplasm plays a vital role in inducing resistance against banded leaf and sheath blight (BLSB) disease in maize. Expand
Effect of different sugars on stomatal behaviour inMerremia aegyptia (L.) Urban andM. dissecta Hallier F.
The effect of mannitol, glucose and sucrose on the stomatal behaviour of two desert species,Merremia aegyptia andM. dissecta has been studied. Stomatal opening did not uniformly depend on theExpand
Differential stomatal closure by abscisic acid in epidermal strips of green and pigmented leaves or leaf parts
Response of stomata in epidermal strips from green leaves ofTradescantia sillamontana and anthocyanin-rich purple leaves ofT. virginiana and from green and pigmented regions ofPedilanthusExpand
Effect of mercuric acetate on mobilization of N and P during germination and seedling growth ofCicer arietinum
Mercuric acetate, at 5.0×10−5 M, stimulates the mobilization of total nitrogen and phosphate reserves from cotyledons during seedling growth inCicer arietinum cv H208 whereas it suppresses the sameExpand