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Nonlinear Design of a C band Power Amplifier using EEHEMT Nonlinear Model
This paper illustrates the nonlinear design of a single stage C band power amplifier. Expand
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Enclosure Effect on Microwave Power Amplifier
The package design for microwave sub-systems requires adequate knowledge of electromagnetic field distribution inside the package housing. The cavity resonance of the microwave amplifier not onlyExpand
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Nonlinear model based Power Amplifier
This paper illustrates the nonlinear design and realization of MESFET nonlinear model based Power Amplifier to deliver minimum 12watt output power with 37% efficiency at operating Vds of 9V. CriticalExpand
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The basic applications of pulsed solid state power amplifler are for airborne and spaceborne pulsed Radar and these applications have always demanded well performance over difierent environmentalExpand
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PAPR Reduction in OFDM System using Wavelet SLM and PTS Technique
We use Wavelet transforms (IDWT and DWT) instead of conventional Fast Fourier Transforms to solve high PAPR problem. Expand
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Spaceborne C-band Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier
This paper describes the design and development of a C-band Pulsed SSPA to deliver 12-watt output power with 45 dB gain. Salient features of this design are the use of drain biasing technique forExpand
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RF Signal Conditioning Module for Digital Receiver
A multichannel digital receiver is required for estimating several signal parameters such as instantaneous frequency, pulse width, pulse amplitude, PRF as well as direction of arrival of signals. InExpand
Challenges in Design of Very High-Speed Data Acquisition System for High-Altitude Application
This paper chronicles the design of a very high-speed data acquisition system (DAS) which is qualified with a novel architecture for high-altitude applications. Expand
Design Considerations for High Power Amplifiers
The present paper discusses various design considerations for High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) using TWTs or klystrons for satellite transponders, earth stations as well as for Radars. Expand
Nonlinear Design ofaCbandPowerAmplifier using EEHEMTNonlinear Model
Thispaper illustrates thenonlinear design ofasingleoneoftheempirical analytical modelwhichtakes into account stage CbandPowerAmplifier. EEHEMTnonlinear model ofthe various nonlinear effectsExpand