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Nutrient Requirements of Buffaloes
There is paucity of information on nutrient requirement of working, pregnant buffaloes and breeding bulls and also on mineral and vitamin requirements of all category ofbuffaloes which need to be addressed in future research programmes on buffalo nutrition.
Determination of nutrient requirements for growth and maintenance of growing pigs under tropical condition.
The new feeding standards derived in the present study are based on a thorough analysis of a larger database than previous Indian standards and seems to be more appropriate for India and other tropical countries.
Fibrolytic potential of anaerobic fungi (Piromyces sp.) isolated from wild cattle and blue bulls in pure culture and effect of their addition on in vitro fermentation of wheat straw and methane
The fungal isolate CF1 has high potential for use as a microbial feed additive in buffaloes to improve digestibility of fibrous feeds without increasing methane emission per unit of digested feed.
A phylogenetic census of global diversity of gut anaerobic fungi and a new taxonomic framework
Based on a rarefaction analysis, the currently available ITS1 sequences represent nearly all the major species of gut anaerobic fungi, but much more sequencing effort is needed to assess the actual richness of minor OTUs.
Comparative dry matter intake and nutrient utilisation efficiency in lactating cattle and buffaloes
It was concluded that DM intake was lower in lactating buffaloes and lactatingbuffaloes utilised dietary dry matter, energy and protein for milk production more efficiently than cattle.
Feeding standards for lactating riverine buffaloes in tropical conditions
New feeding standards will be appropriate for use widely in India because they are based on a more thorough analysis of data and matched well with the actual intake versus performance of animals under diverse feeding conditions.
Deriving nutrient requirements of lactating Indian cattle under tropical condition using performance and intake data emanated from feeding trials conducted in different research institutes
Derived values matched well with the actual intake versus performance of animals under diverse feeding conditions and the new feeding standards will be appropriate for wide use in India.