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Relaxation behaviour of the amorphous components of wood
The viscoelastic properties of mod were investigated using dynamic mechanical thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry. Under a limited set of conditions, two separate glass transitionsExpand
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Use of near infrared spectroscopy to measure the chemical and mechanical properties of solid wood
Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy (500 nm–2400 nm), coupled with multivariate analytic (MVA) statistical techniques, have been used to predict the chemical and mechanical properties of solid loblollyExpand
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FT-IR imaging and pyrolysis-molecular beam mass spectrometry: new tools to investigate wood tissues
Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) microimaging spectroscopy and pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectrometry (py-MBMS) were used as rapid analysis tools to evaluate differences in the chemicalExpand
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Nanoindentation of wood cell walls: Continuous stiffness and hardness measurements
The objective of this study was to measure the mechanical properties of individual, native wood fibers using the continuous nanoindentation measurement technique. The indentation depth profileExpand
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The effect of degree of acetylation on gas sorption and transport behavior in cellulose acetate
Abstract Cellulose acetate films with degrees of substitution of 1.75, 2.45, and 2.84 were characterized in terms of chemical composition, acetyl group distribution, glass transition, crystallinity,Expand
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Use of NIR and pyrolysis-MBMS coupled with multivariate analysis for detecting the chemical changes associated with brown-rot biodegradation of spruce wood.
Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and pyrolysis-molecular beam mass spectrometry (py-MBMS) analysis can be used in conjunction with multivariate regression and principal components analysis toExpand
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Changes in the Chemical Composition and Spectroscopy of Loblolly Pine Medium Density Fiberboard Furnish as a Function of age and Refining Pressure
Loblolly pine wood between the ages of 5-35 was refined into medium density fiberboard furnish at steam pressures from 2 to 18 bar. The effect of age and processing conditions on the properties ofExpand
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Rapid analysis of the chemical composition of agricultural fibers using near infrared spectroscopy and pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectrometry
The chemical composition of a variety of agricultural biomass samples was analyzed with near infrared spectroscopy and pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectroscopy. These samples were selected from aExpand
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Development of Langmuir-Schaeffer cellulose nanocrystal monolayers and their interfacial behaviors.
Model cellulose surfaces based on cellulose nanocrystals (CNs) were prepared by the Langmuir-Schaeffer technique. Cellulose nanocrystals were obtained by acid hydrolysis of different natural fibers,Expand
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Latex quantification in homogenate and purified latex samples from various plant species using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Abstract Parthenium argentatum (guayule) is under commercial development as a source of hypoallergenic latex, which is suitable for the manufacture of latex medical devices safe for use by peopleExpand
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