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Dust Absorption and the Ultraviolet Luminosity Density at z ≈ 3 as Calibrated by Local Starburst Galaxies*
We refine a technique to measure the absorption-corrected ultraviolet (UV) luminosity of starburst galaxies using rest-frame UV quantities alone and apply it to Lyman-limit U dropouts at z ? 3 found
The photometric performance and calibration of the Hubble Space Telescope advanced camera for surveys
ABSTRACT We present the photometric calibration of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The ACS was installed in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in 2002 March. It comprises three cameras: the Wide
MAMBO Mapping Of Spitzer c2d Small Clouds And Cores
Aims. To study the structure of nearby (<500 pc) dense starless and star-forming cores with the particular goal to identify and understand evolutionary trends in core properties, and to explore the
Structure and Evolution of Nearby Stars with Planets. II. Physical Properties of ~1000 Cool Stars from the SPOCS Catalog
We derive detailed theoretical models for 1074 nearby stars from the SPOCS (Spectroscopic Properties of Cool Stars) Catalog. The California and Carnegie Planet Search has obtained high-quality (R
We present Keck/LRIS spectra of over 200 galaxies with well-determined redshifts between 0.4 and 1.4. We combine new measurements of near-ultraviolet, low-ionization absorption lines with previously
A near-infrared spectral template for quasars
We present a near-infrared quasar composite spectrum spanning the wavelength range 0.58-3.5 μm. The spectrum has been constructed from observations of 27 quasars obtained at the NASA IRTF telescope
A NICMOS imaging study of high-z quasar host galaxies
We present the first results from a major Hubble Space Telescope programme designed to investigate the cosmological evolution of quasar host galaxies from z ≃ 2 to the present day. Here we describe J
High-resolution radio observations of Seyfert galaxies in the extended 12-μm sample — I. The observations
Andy Thean, Alan Pedlar, Marek J. Kukula, Stefi A. Baum and Christopher P. O’Dea 1 Istituto di Radioastronomia del CNR, Via P. Gobetti 101, I–40129 Bologna, Italy 2 Nuffield Radio Astronomy
An optical spectroscopic survey of the 3CR sample of radio galaxies with z<0.3. II. Spectroscopic classes and accretion modes in radio-loud AGN
In a previous paper we presented a homogeneous and 92% complete optical spectral dataset of the 3CR radio sources with redshift <0.3. Here we use the emission line measurements to explore the
The X-Ray Spectral Evolution in X-Ray Binaries and Its Application to Constrain the Black Hole Mass of Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources
We investigate the relationship between the hard X-ray photon index Gamma and the Eddington ratio [ xi = L(X)( 0:5-25 keV)/L(Edd)] in six X-ray binaries (XRBs) with well-constrained black hole masses