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Principles of Environmental Law in Islam
Environment signifies the sum total of all external conditions and influences affecting the development and life of organisms.' The unity and interdependence existing within biological systems andExpand
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Sex Reassignment Technology: The Dilemma of Transsexuals in Islam and Christianity
The birth of people with confused or ambiguous sex makeup as a biological fact since the annals of history has posed the challenge of accommodating them within the binary gender of socioculturalExpand
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Sex Reassignment in Islamic Law: The Dilemma of Tarnssexuals
Classical Islamic law in terms of assigning legal rules, inter alia, explicitly recognizes four genders among human beings, namely male, female, hermaphrodite, and effeminate male. In this context,Expand
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Ethics and fiqh for daily life: an Islamic outline
Islam is a religion at the core of which lies belief and it blossoms and perpetually grows through a code of practice consisting of legal rules and moral principles. Iman will fade if it is notExpand
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The use of zakat revenue in Islamic financing: jurisprudential debate and practical feasibility
Recent juristic debate rages around the possibility of using zakah revenue in Islamic law of public finance to better realize its intended poverty eradication goal. At the theoretical level, both theExpand
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Debatable Issues in Fiqh Al-Zakat: A Jurisprudential Appraisal
Zakat in terms of socio-economic role is a mandatory religious duty on the well to do members of the Ummah, to part with a portion of their wealth for the well-being of have-nots and helping otherExpand
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Discourse on Hudud in Malaysia: addressing the missing dimension
Much has been written on the issue of applicability of hudud law in Malaysia. But, by and large, the discourse revolves around its feasibility or otherwise in the context of the existing legalExpand
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Medical management of infant intersex: The juridico‐ethical dilemma of contemporary islamic legal response
Technological advances in the field of medicine and health sciences not only manipulate the normal human body and sex but also provide for surgical and hormonal management of hermaphroditismExpand
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The problem of family disintegration: the imperative for heeding the soft side of Islamic law
Marriage breakdowns and family instability with their debilitating after-effects on women and children are the hallmark of greatly mechanized global community at present time. To remedy the Expand
Revisiting Halal industry Its Scope, Challenges and Opportunities.
Halal industry has emerged as a new growth sector in international economy with fast pace of spreading especially in developed countries. Asia, Middle East Europe and especially the United StatesExpand