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Quantitative estimation os bile salts in serum.
Two major modifications of existing methods for the quantitative estimation of serum bile salts by gas–liquid chromatography have been made. A new protein precipitation step usingExpand
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Excretion of bile acids by three men on corn oil and butterfat diets.
The excretion of fecal bile acids was determined in three adult males during the last 4 days of eight dietary periods of 8 days each, during which 35 to 60% of total calories was provided by corn oilExpand
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Excretion of bile acids by three men on a fat-free diet.
A combination of thin-layer chromatography and gas–liquid chromatography was used for the separation and determination of fecal bile acids in three middle-aged men during the last 4 days of threeExpand
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Excretion of phospholipids by men on high fat diets.
The fecal excretion of phospholipids was determined in three adult males during the last 4 days of eight dietary periods of 8–16 days on high corn oil and butterfat diets (35–60% of calories fromExpand
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Bile acids. XLVII. 12alpha-Hydroxylation of precursors of allo bile acids by rabbit liver microsomes.
Rabbit liver microsomal preparations fortified with 0.1 mM NADPH effectively promote hydroxylation of [3beta-3H]- or [24-14C]allochenodeoxycholic acid orExpand
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Bile acids. LXVII. The major bile acids of Varanus monitor.
The major bile acids of gall bladder bile of Varanus monitor have been separated by thin-layer chromatography and shown to be derivatives of taurine. After alkaline hydrolysis, the free acids wereExpand
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Bile acids. LI. Formation of 12alpha-hydroxyl derivatives and companions from 5 alpha-sterols by rabbit liver microsomes.
A comparison of the activity of rabbit liver microsomes fortified with 0.1 mM NADPH to promote 12alpha-hydroxylation over 60 minutes with appropriate sterols provided the following relative order ofExpand
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Bile acids. XLIX. Allocholic acid, the major bile acid of Uromastix hardwickii.
Tauroallocholate is the major bile salt of the lizard, Uromastix hardwickii. Alkaline hydrolysis of bile from 25 gallbladders provided 1.21 g of acidic material, about 90% of which was allocholicExpand
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Reactions of sugar chlorosulfates
Abstract The course of the reaction of methyl β- d -ribopyranoside ( 1 ) with sulfuryl chloride and pyridinium chloride is described. Compound 1 may readily be converted into theExpand
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Blood is removed from animals for a variety of scientific purposes. As suffering and distress in animals can result in physiological changes which are likely to add another variable to experimentalExpand
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