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Effects of a Devaluation on a Trade Balance
T HE CONVENTIONAL ANSWER to the question, what is the effect of a devaluation on the trade balance of the devaluing country, runs in terms of the supply and demand conditions in the devaluing countryExpand
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Experimental Studies On The Sexual Cycle Of The South African Clawed Toad (Xenopus Laevis). I
1. Retrogression of the ovaries of Xenopus laevis occurs if toads are kept for long periods in an insufficient volume of water. 2. Atrophy takes place in spite of regular feeding and change of waterExpand
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Social Evaluation Through Notional Choice
I. Introduction, 597. — II. The underlying metaphysics, 600. — III. A notional mechanism for social evaluation, 603. — IV. The theory is utilitarian, 606. — V. The conflation problem, 609. — VI.Expand
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Mr. Harrod's Dynamic Model
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Forecasting Industrial Production--Leading Series versus Autoregression
IN A note in this Journal, April, 1957,2 John E. Maher compared the predictive value of a regression of the Federal Reserve Board Index of Industrial Production on some or all of Geoffrey Moore'sExpand
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Inhibition of lymphocyte function in rats fed higher-fat diets.
Concanavalin A-induced blastogenesis of spleen lymphocytes was significantly inhibited when lymphocytes from rats on a high-polyunsaturated-fat diet were compared to lymphocytes from rats on aExpand
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Devaluation versus Import Restriction as an Instrument for Improving Foreign Trade Balance
FOR ANY COUNTRY or trading area except a very small one, a devaluation can generally be expected to bring a decline in the foreign price of its exports. If, instead of devaluing, a country shouldExpand
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