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Gut Microbiota in Human Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Differs from Non-Diabetic Adults
Background Recent evidence suggests that there is a link between metabolic diseases and bacterial populations in the gut. The aim of this study was to assess the differences between the compositionExpand
454 pyrosequencing analyses of bacterial and archaeal richness in 21 full-scale biogas digesters.
The microbial community of 21 full-scale biogas reactors was examined using 454 pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA gene sequences. These reactors included seven (six mesophilic and one thermophilic)Expand
Identification and assembly of genomes and genetic elements in complex metagenomic samples without using reference genomes
Most current approaches for analyzing metagenomic data rely on comparisons to reference genomes, but the microbial diversity of many environments extends far beyond what is covered by referenceExpand
Studying plasmid horizontal transfer in situ: a critical review
This review deals with the prospective, experimental documentation of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and its role in real-time, local adaptation. We have focused on plasmids and their function as anExpand
Ecosystem response of pasture soil communities to fumigation-induced microbial diversity reductions: an examination of the biodiversity-ecosystem function relationship
A technique based on progressive fumigation was used to reduce soil microbial biodiversity, and the effects of such reductions upon the stability of key soil processes were measured. Mineral soilExpand
Enhanced Biofilm Formation and Increased Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents and Bacterial Invasion Are Caused by Synergistic Interactions in Multispecies Biofilms
ABSTRACT Most biofilms in their natural environments are likely to consist of consortia of species that influence each other in synergistic and antagonistic manners. However, few reports specificallyExpand
Conjugative plasmids: vessels of the communal gene pool
Comparative whole-genome analyses have demonstrated that horizontal gene transfer (HGT) provides a significant contribution to prokaryotic genome innovation. The evolution of specific prokaryotes isExpand
Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation—a benchmark of metagenomics software
Benchmarking methods for assembly, taxonomic profiling and binning are key to interpreting metagenome data, but a lack of consensus about benchmarking complicates performance assessment. Expand
Substrate specificity of the OqxAB multidrug resistance pump in Escherichia coli and selected enteric bacteria.
OBJECTIVES A plasmid-encoded multidrug efflux pump, OqxAB, identified in Escherichia coli of porcine origin, was tested for substrate specificity against selected antibiotics, detergents andExpand
The interconnection between biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer.
Recent research has revealed that horizontal gene transfer and biofilm formation are connected processes. Although published research investigating this interconnectedness is still limited, we willExpand