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Bow-shaped caustics from conical prisms: a 13th-century account of rainbow formation from Robert Grosseteste's De iride.
A novel characterization of cone-light interactions is presented, demonstrating that transparent cones do indeed give rise to bow-shaped caustics-a nonintuitive phenomenon that suggests Grosseteste's theory of the rainbow is likely to have been grounded in observation. Expand
Magnifying Grains of Sand, Seeds, and Blades of Grass: Optical Effects in Robert Grosseteste’s De iride (On the Rainbow) (circa 1228–1230)
In his treatise On the Rainbow (De iride), composed nearly four hundred years before the first known telescope, the English polymath Robert Grosseteste identified three striking optical effects:Expand
A thirteenth-century theory of speech.
This historical paper examines a pioneering theory of speech production and perception from the thirteenth century. Robert Grosseteste (c.1175—1253) was a celebrated medieval thinker, who developedExpand
The Gesta Regum Anglorum, Books I and II
A s we have seen , William looked back on his youthful, energetic literary activities as ‘playing around with history’. This can safely be regarded as something of an understatement, as if one wereExpand
Qui Recta Quae Docet Sequitur, Uere Philosophus Est The Ethics of John of Salisbury
The centre of focus in research on John of Salisbury has been on what made John's thought unique, perhaps somewhat to the detriment of the study of what made his thought a unity. In particular, itExpand