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Theoretical and experimental studies of stresses in flexible pipes
This paper presents one model for predicting stresses from axi-symmetric effects and two alternative formulations for predicting bending stresses in tensile armour layers of non-bonded flexibleExpand
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Experimental and finite element analysis of fatigue strength for 300 mm2 copper power conductor
Abstract The fatigue strength of a 300 mm 2 stranded copper conductor was investigated experimentally and by finite element (FE) analysis. An analytical model was also developed and validated. WiresExpand
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Force Variations on Heave Compensating System for Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Risers
This paper discusses modeling aspects related to dynamic analysis of deep water drilling risers. These risers must have a heave compensator that maintains a near constant tension in the riserExpand
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Techniques for Predicting Tensile Armour Buckling and Fatigue in Deep Water Flexible Pipes
Free hanging deep water flexible risers are associated with high static top tension. In addition comes significant dynamic tension due to the tangential drag forces mobilised along the riser due toExpand
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A finite element model for predicting stresses and slip in flexible pipe armouring tendons
Abstract An eight degree-of-freedom curved beam element has been developed for the purpose of stress and slip analysis of flexible pipe armouring tendons. The fact that the tendon is forced to slideExpand
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A penalty-based contact element for pipe and 3D rigid body interaction
Abstract In this paper a contact element tailor-made for global response prediction of pipelines subject to interaction with rigid 3-dimensional bodies is presented. A continuous representation ofExpand
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Fatigue damage from time domain simulation of combined in-line and cross-flow vortex-induced vibrations
Abstract A semi-empirical method for time domain simulation of vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) is used to calculate the in-line and cross-flow fatigue damage of a tensioned riser in uniform andExpand
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Comparison Between Theoretical and Experimental Flexible Pipe Bending Stresses
This paper presents alternative finite element formulations for predicting the dynamic stresses of tensile armour in un-bonded flexible pipes. Shear interaction in terms of friction stick-slipExpand
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