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Parathyroid hormone treatment can reverse corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis. Results of a randomized controlled clinical trial.
Corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis is the most common secondary cause of osteoporosis. We conducted a 12-mo, randomized clinical trial of human parathyroid hormone 1-34 (hPTH 1-34) in postmenopausalExpand
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Bone Mass Continues to Increase at the Hip After Parathyroid Hormone Treatment Is Discontinued in Glucocorticoid‐Induced Osteoporosis: Results of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Glucocorticoid‐induced osteoporosis is the most common secondary cause of osteoporosis. In this 24‐month study, we report changes in bone turnover and bone mass after 12 months of daily injections ofExpand
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Long-term continuous sildenafil treatment ameliorates corporal veno-occlusive dysfunction (CVOD) induced by cavernosal nerve resection in rats
It was recently reported in the rat that vardenafil given in a continuous long-term manner was successful in preventing smooth muscle fibrosis in the penile corpora cavernosa and corporalExpand
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Long-Term Continuous Treatment with Sildenafil Ameliorates Aging-Related Erectile Dysfunction and the Underlying Corporal Fibrosis in the Rat1
Abstract Aging-related erectile dysfunction is characterized by a loss of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) and fibrosis in the corpora cavernosa, and functionally by corporal veno-occlusive dysfunctionExpand
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Development and characterization of a human antibody reference panel against erythropoietin suitable for the standardization of ESA immunogenicity testing.
Recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) has been used therapeutically for more than two decades in the treatment of anemia. Although EPO is generally well tolerated, in rare cases, patients haveExpand
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Lack of association between polymorphisms in cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) and fatty acid amide hydroxylase gene (FAAH) and eating disorders in a preliminary study.
Eating disorders (ED) are classic examples of complex psychiatric phenotypes having both genetic and environmental determinants. Many data, mainly obtained from animal studies, suggest that theExpand
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Augmented reality sandbox: a platform for educative experiences
In this paper, we describe the implementation of an Augmented Reality Sandbox as a platform for educative experiences. Expand
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El Arenero Educativo: La Realidad Aumentada un nuevo recurso para la enseñanza
En este articulo presentamos el proyecto Arenero Educativo que utiliza la tecnologia de Realidad Aumentada para implementar un recurso para la ensenanza de las matematicas y las ciencias naturales.Expand
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Mucus-Activatable Shiga Toxin Genotype stx2d in Escherichia coli O157:H7
We identified the mucus-activatable Shiga toxin genotype stx2d in the most common hemolytic uremic syndrome–associated Escherichia coli serotype, O157:H7. stx2d was detected in a strain isolated fromExpand
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