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Acoustic radiation force impulse quantification: repeatability of measurements in selected liver segments and influence of age, body mass index and liver capsule-to-box distance.
OBJECTIVE To assess the inter- and intra-observer variability of acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) quantification in liver segments with influence of age, body mass index (BMI) and liverExpand
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Smoking-related interstitial lung diseases: histopathological and imaging perspectives.
The present review focuses on the interstitial lung diseases related to smoking. Thus, the pathology and radiology of Langerhans cell histiocytosis, desquamative interstitial pneumonia, respiratoryExpand
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Microbubble ultrasound contrast in the assessment of hepatic artery patency following liver transplantation: role in reducing frequency of hepatic artery arteriography
We prospectively evaluated the role of microbubble ultrasound contrast for detection of hepatic artery thrombosis following liver transplantation. The hepatic artery of adult liver transplantExpand
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Clinical use of Levovist, an ultrasound contrast agent, in the imaging of liver transplantation: assessment of the pre- and post-transplant patient
Abstract. Colour Doppler US is well established for imaging of hepatic vessels in the assessment of pre- and post-liver transplant patients. Unfortunately, a full colour Doppler US examination of theExpand
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RNAi-mediated down-regulation of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) impedes wound-stress stimulation of anabasine synthesis in Nicotiana glauca.
Unlike most Nicotiana species, leaf tissues of the globally significant weed Nicotiana glauca Grah. (Argentinian tree tobacco) contains anabasine as the main component of its alkaloid pool, withExpand
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Comparison of the SonoSite and Acuson 128/XP10 ultrasound machines in the 'bed-side' assessment of the post liver transplant patient.
Hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplant is associated with biliary sepsis and irretrievable loss of the graft. Early identification of hepatic artery thrombosis, using a 'high-specification'Expand
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Alkaloid production and capacity for methyljasmonate induction by hairy roots of two species in Tribe Anthocercideae, family Solanaceae.
In addition to producing medicinally important tropane alkaloids, some species in the mainly Australian Solanaceous tribe Anthocercideae, sister to genus Nicotiana, are known to also containExpand
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Appearances of von Meyenburg Complex on Cross Sectional Imaging
The von Meyenburg complex (VMC) is an uncommon congenital malformation and is characterized by benign bile duct hamartomas. These are usually discovered incidentally and may represent a diagnosticExpand
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Hepatic artery stenosis following liver transplantation: significance of the tardus parvus waveform and the role of microbubble contrast media in the detection of a focal stenosis.
PURPOSE To evaluate the role of microbubble ultrasound contrast media in detecting stenosis of the post-liver transplant extrahepatic hepatic artery (HA) in the presence of the tardus parvus spectralExpand
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