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Portraying the Global: Cross‐national Trends in Textbooks’ Portrayal of Globalization and Global Citizenship
Many have noted the rise of the global in academic and popular discourse. We ask how this global frame of reference has been incorporated into secondary social science textbooks, a realmExpand
Global Discourses and Local Practices: Teaching Citizenship and Human Rights in Postgenocide Rwanda
  • S. Russell
  • Sociology
  • Comparative Education Review
  • 30 May 2018
In postgenocide Rwanda, education is viewed by the national government as crucial for shaping a new, unified civic identity but also as a tool to address the past genocide. Drawing on Rwanda as aExpand
Global gender discourses in education: evidence from post-genocide Rwanda
ABSTRACT This paper investigates global gender policy discourses within the education realm in post-genocide Rwanda. Drawing on interview data from students in seven secondary schools andExpand
The Holocaust as history and human rights: A cross-national analysis of Holocaust education in social science textbooks, 1970–2008
This article examines Holocaust education in secondary school social science textbooks around the world since 1970, using data coded from 465 textbooks from 69 countries. It finds that books andExpand
Constructing citizenship in post-conflict contexts: the cases of Liberia and Rwanda
ABSTRACT In post-conflict and fragile contexts, one central aim of education is to prepare citizens to rebuild society and manage conflict. In this paper, we discuss the ways that citizenshipExpand
Between the Global and the Local: Human Rights Discourse and Engagement in Two New York City High Schools
While there has been a rise in human rights education at the global level, little attention has been paid to how it is integrated into schools in the United States. Drawing on qualitative and quant...
Rights-based education and conflict: a cross-national study of rights discourse in textbooks
This paper investigates the extent to which rights-based education is utilised in textbooks from conflict-affected countries. Drawing on a unique dataset of 528 secondary social science textbooksExpand
The legacy of gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS in the postgenocide era: Stories from women in Rwanda
ABSTRACT Drawing on qualitative interviews with 22 Rwandan women, we describe the lived experiences of women survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) more than a decade and a half after the 1994Expand