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Stroke prevention
Article abstract Many interventions reduce stroke risk. However, the full benefits of these interventions are not realized at current levels of utilization, as nearly all evidence-based orExpand
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Development and Validation of the Consumer Health Activation Index
Background. Although there has been increasing interest in patient engagement, few measures are publicly available and suitable for patients with limited health literacy. Objective. We sought toExpand
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The impact of pain on physical and mental quality of life in adults 65 and older.
Pain is a frequent and debilitating problem among older adults, decreasing quality of life (QOL) both physically and mentally. The burden of arthritis, sciatica, and back pain on QOL was estimatedExpand
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Characteristics and Health Outcomes Associated With Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Use Among Older Adults
Background: This study recruited older adults to explore physical and psychosocial conditions and other health outcomes associated with hearing loss (HL) and hearing aid use. Method: Survey data wereExpand
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The Progress and Promise of Health Literacy Research
It brings us great pleasure to present this special issue on health literacy of the Journal of Health Communication. This is the fourth year that the journal has dedicated an issue to this importantExpand
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Older Adult Preferences of Mobile Application Functionality Supporting Medication Self-Management
Health systems and insurers alike are increasingly interested in leveraging mHealth (mobile health) tools to support patient health-related behaviors including medication adherence. However, theseExpand
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Migraine practice patterns among neurologists
Objective: To assess the attitudes, knowledge, and practice patterns of US neurologists regarding migraine management relative to the US Headache Consortium Guidelines (the Guidelines). Methods: TwoExpand
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The Role of Patient Activation in Preferences for Shared Decision Making: Results From a National Survey of U.S. Adults
Studies investigating preferences for shared decision making (SDM) have focused on associations with sociodemographic variables, with few investigations exploring patient factors. We aimed toExpand
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The association between patient activation and accessing online health information: results from a national survey of US adults
There are increasing opportunities for the public to access online health information, but attitudinal barriers to use are less well‐known. Patient activation is associated with key health outcomes,Expand
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Health Literacy Research: Looking Forward
We are pleased to present this special issue on Health Literacy of the Journal of Health Communication. This marks the second year in a row that the Journal has published a special issue on thisExpand
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