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The Great Church in Captivity: A Study of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from the Eve of the Turkish Conquest to the Greek War of Independence
Preface Part I. The Church on the Eve of the Turkish Conquest: 1. The background 2. The structure of the church 3. Church and state 4. The church and the churches 5. The church and the philosophersExpand
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The First Crusade and the foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
List of plates List of maps Preface 1. The holy places of Christendom 2. The preaching of the crusade 3. The journey to the wars 4. The war against the Turks 5. The promised land Bibliography Index.
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The medieval Manichee : a study of the Christian dualist heresy
1. Introduction 2. The gnostic background 3. The paulicians 4. The bogomils 5. The patarenes 6. The cathars 7. The dualist tradition Appendices Bibliography Additions Index.
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The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East, 1100-1187
This volume describes the Frankish states of Outremer from the accession of King Baldwin I to the re-conquest of Jerusalem by Saladin.
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The White Rajahs: A History of Sarawak from 1841 to 1946
Preface Part I. Borneo: 1. The island and its peoples 2. The coming of the Europeans Part II. Rajah James: 1. Preparation 2. The founding of the Raj 3. The beginning of government 4. The years ofExpand
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The Fall of Constantinople 1453
List of plates List of figures Preface 1. The dying empire 2. The rising sultanate 3. The emperor and the sultan 4. The price of Western aid 5. Preparations for the siege 6. The siege begins 7. TheExpand
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The Byzantine theocracy
Foreword, Introduction 1. The christian empire: the image of God upon earth 2. The viceroy of God: the plenitude of imperial power 3. The battle over images: the challenge of popular belief 4. TheExpand
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The Kingdom of Acre and the later Crusades
List of plates List of maps Preface 1. The third crusade 2. Misguided crusades 3. The mongols and the mameluks 4. The end of outremer 5. Epilogue Bibliography Index.
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