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In Pursuit of Lakshmi: The Political Economy of the Indian State
The pursuit of Lakshmi, the fickle goddess of prosperity and good fortune, is a metaphor for the aspirations of the state and people of independent India. In the latest of their distinguished
The Role of Theory in Comparative Politics: A Symposium
The Center of International Studies at Princeton University organized a symposium during 1993-94 on the role of theory in comparative politics. Presented here is an edited and condensed version of
The Political Role of India's Caste Associations
IT IS ONE OF THE PARADOXES of Indian politics that India's ancien regime, surely one of the oldest and most deeply rooted in the world, produced no reaction. In three-fifths of India the nationalist
Authority and Power in Bureaucratic and Patrimonial Administration: A Revisionist Interpretation of Weber on Bureaucracy
Weber's understanding of bureaucracy, despite substantial qualification and revision, remains the dominant paradigm for the study of administration and formal organizations. We continue the process
Making U.S. foreign policy toward South Asia : regional imperatives and the imperial presidency
Preface Acknowledgements Profile of the Contributors Prologue Introduction (The Regional Imperative) Part 1. Looking Back, Looking Forward 1. U. S. Foreign Policy toward South Asia: A Continuing Tilt
Standards in Democratised Higher Education-An Analysis of the Indian Experience
An Analysis of the Indian Experience Lloyd I Rudolph Susanne Hoeber Rudolph The alleged decline in the standards of education as a consequence of the vast expansion in education since Independence